Latihan Soal Degree of Comparison Untuk SMP Kelas 8

Hai adik-adik kelas 8, apa kabar kalian? Semoga selalu sehat dan tambah terampil dalam berbahasa Inggris. Untuk menambah kemampuan kalian dalam memahami materi Degree of Comparison, pada kesempatan ini akan disajikan Latihan Soal Degree of Comparison Untuk SMP Kelas 8. Silahkan disimak ya....

Fill in the blanks with the correct Degree of Comparison!
1. A chicken is ... than a bird.
2. The black t-shirt is 30.000 rupiahs. The yellow t-shirt costs 50.000 rupiahs.
    The black t-shirt is ... than the yellow t-shirt.
3. Mia is 155 cm tall. Shinta is 160 cm tall. So, Shinta is ... than Mia.
4. The goat runs ... than a horse.
5. A cow is .... than an elephant.
6. My mother is 40 years old. My father is 43 years old.
    So, my mother is ... than my father.
7. I think mathematics is the .... lesson.
8. A car's price is ... than a bicycle.
9. My aunt is 30 years old. My uncle is 35 years old.
    So, my uncle is ... than my aunt.
10. Nil river is .... than Ciliwung river.
For number 11 to 13
      Sania is 65 kg
      Ranti is 70 kg
      Windi is 70 kg
      Rania is 75 kg
11. Ranti is as .... as Windi.
12. Ranti is .... than Sania.
13. Rania is the ....student.
For number 14 to 20
Compare between car and plane by using the words bellow!
14. small
15. big
16. comfortable
17. expensive
18. fast
19. long
20. cheap

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Kunci Jawaban
1. bigger
2. cheaper
3. taller
4. slower
5. smaller
6. younger
7. most difficult
8. more expensive
9. older
10. longer
11. heavy
12. heavier
13. heaviest
14. The car is smaller than the plane.
15. The plane is bigger than the car.
16. The plane is more comfortable than the car.
17. The plane is more expensive than the car.
18. The plane is faster than the car.
19. The plane is longer than the car.
20. The car is cheaper than the plane.

Itulah Latihan Soal Degree of Comparison Untuk SMP Kelas 8. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.

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