Latihan Soal Tes CPNS Bahasa Inggris 2013 Lengkap

Sebelum bertarung memperebutkan kursi CPNS, ada baiknya berlatih terlebih dahulu supaya anda mulai terbiasa dengan model-model soal yang biasa keluar pada tes CPNS juga pastinya supaya tidak gugup saat mengerjakan tes. Berikut adalah Latihan Soal Tes CPNS Bahasa Inggris 2013 Lengkap beserta kunci jawabannya. 


Borobudur is the (1) Buddhist shrine in the world. Scholars believe the monument to (2) "a mandala", a structure built to assist (3) meditation. Its seven (4) rise toward the great stupa which crowns the monument. Base relief (5) the life of Budha adorn the black andesite stone balustrades for the length of about 6 kilometers.

The missing words of the text above are...
1. a. larger
    b. most large
    c. largest
    d. more larger

2. a. have been
    b. has been
    c. had been
    d. had been being

3. a. on
    b. in
    c. at
    d. of

4. a. terrace
    b. terraces
    c. degree
    d. degrees

5. a. depicting
    b. depicted
    c. depicts
    d. depict

Reading Comprehension
Petunjuk : Pilihlah satu jawaban yang paling tepat sesuai dengan teks.

The old English language, also called Anglo-Saxon, was the earliest form of English. It is difficult to give exact dates for the rise and development of a language, because it does not change suddenly; but perhaps it is true to say that Old English was spoken from about A.D.600 to about 1100.

The greatest old English poem is Beowulf, which belongs to the seventh century. It is story of about 3.000 lines, and is the first English epic. The name of its author is unknown.

Beowulf is not about England, but about Hrothgar, king of the Danes, who goes to help him. Hrothgar is in trouble. His great hall, called Heorot, is visited at night by a terrible creature, Grendel, which lives in a lake and comes to kill and eat Hrothgar's men. One night Beowulf waits secretly for this thing, attacks it, and in a fierce fight pulls its arm off. It manages to reach the lake again, but dies there. Then its mother comes to the hall in search of revenge, and the attacks begin again. Beowulf follows her to the bottom of the lake and kills her there.
(taken from An Outline of English Literature, 1984)

6. The main idea of the first paragraph is ....
    a. The exact dates of Old English is unknown
    b. Anglo-Saxon was the earliest form of English
    c. The rise and development of a language does not change suddenly
    d. Anglo-Saxon was spoken from about A.D. 600 to about 1100

7. The sentence the name of its author is unknown. Its means ....
    a. Synonymous
    b. Anonymous
    c. Antonymous
    d. Dangerous

8. The word its on the text above refers to ....
    a. Heorot
    b. A terrible creature
    c. Mother
    d. Beowulf

9. The topic of the greatest Old English poem is ....
    a. The earliest from of English
    b. The revenge of Grendel's mother
    c. The first English epic
    d. A king of the Danes helps Beowulf

10. The most suitable title of the text is ....
      a. Beowulf, the first written English
      b. Beowulf, the first spoken English
      c. Beowulf, the first English epic
      d. The rise and development of English

11. The word fierce in the text means....
      a. Frightening
      b. Hard
      c. Violent
      d. Bitter

12. The mixing of animism, dynamism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam leads Javanese people to pursue the       peace of the soul, harmony and balance. The word pursue means....
      a. Engage in
      b. Exert a force on
      c. Small pouch
      d. Scheme

13. In democratic countries any efforts to restrict the freedom of the press are rightly condemned
     The word comdemned means....
     a. Express in fewer words
     b. Express utter disapproval
     c. Legalized by government
     d. Severe and well-deserved

14. Science fictions is generally described as stories based on developments in science and technology.
      The word technology means ....
      a. Make or become bigger
      b. A row of buildings
      c. Stage of advancement
      d. Mischievously clever person

15. The thought that South Africa has celebrated its fiftieth anniversary of Union brings back memories of             that eventful episode in the history of the country.
      The word eventful means ....
      a. Things that happen
      b. Equal in amount and value
      c. Impartial
      d. Marked by noteworthy events

Petunjuk : Pilihlah satu jawaban yang paling benar.

Farmers live in the fertile hills; old women and mothers with children scratch the bare soil in the valley-men and young women have gone to Jakarta to find work. Mr. Iskandar receives a letter-not the long-awaited letter from son or brother but from his friend Farhan, asking him to come to Jakarta, as his young sister Rania is sick. The money saved by Mr.Iskandar and his wife to send Ardi, their only son, to high school must pay for the trip.

16. Do young men scratch the bare soil?
      a. Yes, they do
      b. No, they don't
      c. Yes, they are
      d. No, they aren't

17. What the men and young women gone to Johannesburg for?
      a. They gone to Jakarta to find their family
      b. They gone to Jakarta to find Rania
      c.  They gone to Jakarta to find work
      d.  They gone to Jakarta to find bus way

18. Is Rania well?
      a. Yes, she is
      b. No, she is not
      c. Yes, she has
      d. No, she does not

19. Who is Mr.Iskandar's son ?
      a. She is Rania
      b. He is Farhan
      c. He is Ardi
      d. She is Farhan

20. Is the letter received by Farhan?
      a. Yes, it is
      b. No, it is not
      c. No, it does not
      d. Yes, it does

Petunjuk : Pilihlah jawaban yang benar sesuai dengan percakapan di bawah ini .

Fauzan : "What do you think about this political book?"
Dian    : "I think this is proper book to make political working paper."
Fauzan : "Let's go to cashier to pay this book!"
Dian    : "Ok!"

21. Where does this conversation probably take place?
      a. Library
      b. Book store
      c. School
      d. Street

22. Who's looking for the political book?
      a. Fauzan
      b. Dian
      c. Teacher
      d. Library officer

23. The underlined word on the dialoge above refers to ....
      a. Book store
      b. Political working paper
      c. Political book
      d. Proper book

Petunjuk : Pilihlah satu jawaban yang paling benar.

24. Could you please tell me ....
      a. Where are the Home Affair Secretariat?
      b. Where the Indonesia Government Secretariat?
      c. Where are the Indonesia Government Secretariat?
      d. Where the Home Affair Secretariat is?

25. I ... at the Hotel midnight.
      a. Arrives
      b. Arrived
      c. Will be arrived
      d. Has been arrived

26. Mr. Bahri ... white coated, is eating in the coffee.
      a. Whose
      b. Who
      c. Whom
      d. Who has

27. Mr. Kabayan, ... teaching in the class, wears the brown footwear.
      a. Whose
      b. Who
      c. Whom
      d. Who is

28. Reading and ... are good way to improve our skill and intelligence.
      a. Writing
      b. Wrote
      c. Written
      d. Writes

29. The underlined word in number 28 above means ....
      a. Create
      b. Produce
      c. Develop
      d. Build

30. Mira is .... girl.
      a. Beautifully
      b. Beautiful
      c. Beautifulness
      d. Beauty

31. Firya : "Ririn, did you go yesterday?"
      Ririn  : No, I didn't go ... I stay at home.
      a. Everywhere
      b. Somewhere
      c. Anywhere
      d. Anything

32. Amel : "Why you didn't go to school yesterday?"
      Tyas  : "I ... sick and I had to take a rest at home.
      a. am
      b. was
      c. did
      d. does

33. ... she has a headache, Diana goes to campus.
      a. Although
      b. But
      c. Because
      d. Having

34. I watch the film while my mother ... in the kitchen.
      a. Cooked
      b. Cooking
      c. Cook
      d. Cooks

35. Mr. Amran takes the glass ....
      a. Care
      b. Careful
      c. Carefulness
      d. Carefully


1. c         11. d         21. b         31. c
2. a         12. a         22. b         32. b
3. b         13. b         23. c         33. a
4. b         14. c         24. d         34. b
5. a         15. d         25. b         35. d
6. b         16. b         26. a
7. b         17. c         27. d
8. b         18. b         28. a
9. d         19. c         29. c
10. a        20. a        30. b

Selamat berlatih.
Semoga bermanfaat.


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