Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMP Tahun 2012 Kode UN A59-2012

Hai adik-adik kelas 9 SMP, walaupun Ujian Nasional masih jauh, ada baiknya kalian berlatih  mengerjakan soal-soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris, supaya kalian terbiasa dan siap menghadapi Ujian Nasional sehingga mendapatkan nilai memuaskan. 

Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris terdiri dari 50 soal dengan waktu pengerjaan 120 menit. Dengan waktu yang singkat itu, kalian harus mampu mengerjakan soal dengan baik, benar dan pastinya tepat waktu. Ok, berikut Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMP Tahun 2012 Kode UN A59-2012 lengkap dengan kunci jawaban dan pembahasan.

The following text is for questions number 1 and 2
Dear Andre,

Do you have any plan for next holiday? Mira and I are going to spend our holiday at grandma's house and our father will drive us to the village. If you want to join us, let us know soon. Remember, last holiday you didn't visit granma!

1. Why did Randy invite Andre to join them? Because....
    A. Randy and Andre are best friend
    B. Andre doesn't have any plans for holiday
    C. Andre didn't visit grandma last holiday
    D. Randy's father will drive them to the village

2. From the message we know that ....
    A. Andre doesn't want to spend his holiday at the village
    B. Father will spend his holiday at village too
    C. Randy will visit his grandmother alone
    D. Andre is Mira and Randy's cousin

The following text is for questions number 3 and 4
Dear Jhon,

Let me congratulate you on your succes at the best pop singer in 2012. I hope you always perform the best in the next show.

3. From the text we know that....
    A. John performs the best in the show
    B. Cindy performs the best in the show
    C. Cindy want to be the best in the show
    D. Jhon hopes he will be the best in the next show.

4. "I hope you always perform the best...." The underlined word can be replaced with....
     A. play
     B. sing
     C. read
     D. dance

The following text is for questions number 5 and 6

5. What does the Thompson family do?
    A. Introduce Santa to their friends
    B. Open the door for their friends
    C. Inform their new house to their friends
    D. Invite their friends to a cocktail party

6. From the text we can say that ....
    A. Cecily and Brandon have different addresses
    B. Santa is going to move to a new house this year
    C. Santa always opens the door for Thompson family
    D. The Thompson family will move to a new house

Read the following text to answer question number 7

Due to Many Sharp Corals,
The Visitors are Prohibitetd to swing
Along This Area

7. Where do we usually find the text?
    A. At the lake
    B. At the beach
    C. At the river bank
    D. At the swimming pool

The following text is for questions number 8 to 10
The Wasington Park Zoo Monkey island is closed indefinitely due to deterioration of exhibition. After 80 years of operation, the exhibition is considered no longer safe to exhibit monkey or to be serviced by zoo employees.

Monkey island will be closed until further notice and will eventually be restored after major renovation take place. The zoo has plans to design a new modern monkey island exhibit and will unveil those once they have been set.

                                                                    Monkey Island Manager

8. Why did the government close the Monkey Island? Because....
    A. it will hold an exhibition
    B. it is no longer safe for visitors
    C. it does not get fund for it's renovation
    D. the zoo employees served the visitors badly

9. "... and will unveil those once they have been set" (paragraph 2) The underlined word means...
   A. introduce
   B. inform
   C. cover
   D. open

10. The announcement tells us about ....
      A. the exhibition of the monkey
      B. the renovation of Monkey Island
      C. the new modern design of the zoo
      D. the closure of Monkey Island

The following text is for questions number 11 and 12
Cold Breaker
Like You Never Feel Any Cold

Fast relief for :
- Congestion                                100 tablets
- Runny nose                                         USP
- Coughs                                           200 mg
- Headache
- Fever

Available in Every store in Indonesia

11. Which of the following sickness can not be relieved by this medicine?
      A. Headache
      B. Coughs
      C. Cancer
      D. Fever

12. What is the writer's purpose to write the text above?
      A. To inform the process of making Cold Breaker
      B. To persuade people to use the product
      C. To explain the ingredients of the product
      D. To describe the illnesses that can be cured

The following text is for question number 13 to 15
Dear Ima,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Adiba Salma Zakiya, just call me Salma. I’m from Bima, Nusa Tenggara Barat. I read your profile in NONA magazine and would like to be one of your friends. It’s a bit hard to find internet connection here, si I decided to write a letter instead of an e-mail to you. I hope you don’t mind.

I’m the first child in my family. My parents have four children. I go to SMP 3 Sape, Bima. Now, I’m in the ninth grade. My hobby is cooking, that’s why i can cook many kinds of Bimanese traditional dishes. Besides, I also like to play Kareku Kandei. It’s a traditional music performance from Bima. Girls pound their pestles to a mortar to create harmonious sound. Kareku Kandei is usuallly performed on special events such as independence day, Kartini day, etc.

I would love to know you better, would you tell me more about yourself too.



13. How did Salma know about Ima's profile?
      A. By writing a letter to Ima
      B. By sending an e-mail to Ima
      C. By reading her profile in a magazine
      D. By being one of her friends

14. What is the main idea of paragraph one?
       A. Salma described her hometown
       B. Both Salma and Ima liked NONA magazine
       C. Salma found Ima's profile in NONA magazine
       D. Salma complained about the internet connection

15. The text mainly tell us about ....
      A. the description of Salma's hometown
      B. Salma's introduction to Irma
      C. Salma's family and her hobbies
      D. the condition of a remote area in Bima

The following text is for questions number 16 to 18
 How to Repel Mice

Mice might look cute, but they can be harmful pets that destroy household items, eat and mess with food and can spread severe deseases through their faces and paraistes they carry. Here are some useful tips on how to repel house mice:
1.      Use peppermint, put the peppermint near wall corners.
2.      Pour generous amount of peppermint oil on cotton balls.
3.      Place the saturated cotton balls on ares where mice are possibly seen around counter tops, under the sofas in your living room.
4.      Put them behind shelves, wall corners or on the floor beneath your kitchen sink.

16. Why do we use peppermint to repel mice? Because....
      A. peppermint is fresh to breathe
      B. mice love the peppermint
      C. mice will die of breathing mint
      D. mice hate the smell of peppermint

17. From the text above, we can conclude that....
      A. mice spread severe diseases through feces
      B. peppermint is useful to repel mice
      C. mice love peppermint
      D. we can place oil everywhere to repel mice

18. "Put them behind shelves...." The word "them" refers to....
      A. pets
      B. peppermint
      C. cotton balls
      D. peppermint oil

The following text is for questions number 19 to 21
I live in a small village clled Dempet in Demak, Central Java. It is a nice and quiet place. My house is near a bridge which goes to a market. Behind my house is a big river. The street in front of my house is about ten meters wide.

People in my village are mostly farmers. They grow paddy, watermelons, and cucumbers. Some people earn their living by raising cattle, such as goats, sheeps, and cows. Some others are traders. They sell crops and other stuff at the market.

Early in the morning, the street in front of my house is always crowded by people going to the market. The goods are carried by horse carts and bicycles.
19. What do the people in the writer's village mostly do for a living? By being a/an....
      A. farmer
      B. seller
      C. sepherd
      D. trader

20. How do the villagers earn they living? They are ....
      A. growing flowers
      B. raising chicken
      C. selling paddy
      D. driving horse carts

21. "They sell crops and other stuff at the market." (Paragraph 2) The underlined word has similar meaning with....
       A. merchandises
       B. harvest goods
       C. cattles
       D. gifts

The following text is for questions number 22 to 24
Boyolali regency is located in north of Solo and east of Merapi and Merbabu Mountains. This regency has been known for for its production of fresh milk for a long time. No wonder, the cow statues adorn Boyolali town.

There are six main cow statues in Boyolali. They are displayed in different places. The statues are made of concrete. The colour and shape are made in such a way to resemble the real cows. However, the size is made bigger to catch the eye.

Beside decorating the town, the statues also turn out to be helpful for people from out of town to find places they are seeking in Boyolali. By mentioning the position of the statue, people can get their way easily.
22. "... they are seeking in Boyolali" (paragraph 3) What does the underlined word refer to?
      A. People from out town
      B. Places in Boyolali
      C. Cow statues
      D. Real cows

23. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
      A. The statues help people to find places easily
      B. The satues decorate the town beautifully
      C. The cow can get their way easily around the town
      D. The people from out of town easily find the statues

24. The text mainly tells us about....
      A. the colour of the statues
      B. cow statues in Boyolali
      C. a town called Boyolali
      D. how to raise cow

The following text is for questions number 25 to 27
I am used to travelling by ir but only on one occasion I felt frightened. After taking off, we flew low over the city. It slowly went high to the sky.

But suddenly it turned round and flew back to the airport. An air-hostess told us to keep calm and to get off the plane quietly as soon as it landed. After we landed, the police searched the plane carefully. Everybody on board. Earlier somebody told the police that there was a bomb on the plane. Fortunately, they didn’t find a bomb and five hours later we were able to take off again.
25. Who searched the plane carefully?
      A. The pilot
      B. The police
      C. The air-hostess
      D. The passengers

26. Why did the plane fly back to the airport?
      A. The pilot was afraid of bombs
      B. The pilot forgot about something
      C. The passengers were frightened
      D. Police suspected that there was a bomb on the plane

27. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
      A. The writer felt frightened
      B. The police searched the plane carefully
      C. Somebody said that there was a bomb on the plane
      D. There was a very important person on board

The following text is for questions number 28 to 30
One day, a boy got up with feeling that the day was going to be unlucky day for him. He found that it was already 6.50 a.m., He rushed into the bathroom. In a hurry he did not see a piece of soap lying on the floor, he stepped on it and slipped.

Then, he went into the dining room for his breakfast. He gulped down the tea without realizing that it was very hot, so it burnt his tongue. He got dressed and rushed to the bus stop. Unfortunately, he just missed the bus. His heart sank and knew that he would be late for school and his teacher would be angry with him again.
28. "He gulped down the tea without realizing that it was very hot,...' (paragraph 2)
       The word it refers to....
       A. the tongue
       B. the toast
       C. the tea
       D. the coffee

29. What happened with the boy when he got his breakfast?
      A. His breakfast was not ready
      B. He did not prepare it
      C. He burned his toast
      D. He hurt his tongue

30. The text tell us about the boy's....
      A. good day
      B. lucky day
      C. bad day
      D. fine day

The following text is for questions number 31 to 34
Once a farmer owned a donkey and a lapdog. The donkey worked hard all day, hauling heavy loads. The lapdog stayed with his master all day, and lived in the house with him. He did not work, but was allowed to sit on the master’s lap. The donkey grew jealous of the lapdog.

Perhaps if I behave like the dog, like wag my tail and jump on the master, the master will start loving me as much as he does the dog. So the donkey decided to wait for his chance.

One day, when he was left unattended, the donkey broke his halter and ran into the farmhouse kitchen. There the farmer sat at table. The donkey rushed up to him and began wagging his tail vigorously, and knocked off all the china from the table. He then started jumping around and frolicking like a little dog, and finally plonked himself down on the farmer’s lap. The shocked farmer yelled for help. The farmhands came running in and dragged the donkey off to his stable, and gave him a beating he did not forget for the rest of his life.
31. What made the donkey jealous of the dog?
      A. The halter that he has to wear
      B. The beating that he has
      C. The farmer's care to the dog
      D. The chance to stay inside the house

32. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
      A. The donkey wanted to be loved by its master
      B. The way the farmer treated the donkey
      C. The things done by the donkey to be loved
      D. The dog's habit is liked by the master

33. The best tittle for the text is?
      A. The farmer and his dog
      B. The donkey and the lapdog
      C. The farmer and the donkey
      D. The dog and it's master

34. What can we learn from the text?
      A. It is good to share things with others
      B. It is not good to help others
      C. It is not good to be envious to others
      D. It is good to keep your promise

The following text is for questions number 35 to 38
Juhha’s Wonders

Once upon a time, there was a small village in Baghdad. Its population was very small. In this village everybody knew each other and knew every little or big problems that went on in the village. In this small village there was a bakery that was popular for its delicious bread.

One day a poor old man was walking in the street passing the bakery and he stopped to smell the scent of the bread which was spreading out of the bakery.

Suddenly, the baker caught the old man and shouted at him demanding the price of bread's scent. He almost drag him to the police.

A very famous wise man named Juhha heard the baker shouting. So he went to him and asked about the problem. Juhha stood calmly listening to the baker and he thought for a solution.

After a few minutes Juhha’s eyes glistened and an amused smile was on his face. He asked the baker “How much money do you want?”. The baker and poor man were astonished, but the baker answered “3 dinars”. Juhha took the money out of his wallet and put it in his pocket and shook the money. “Did you hear the sound of the money?” Juhha asked. “Yes, I did”, the baker replied, and with big smile Juhha said “Well then, this is the price of your bread’s scent!”
35. Who stopped to smell the scent of the bread?
      A. The baker
      B. The police
      C. The old poor man
      D. Juhha, the wise man

36. What did the baker do to the old man?
      A. He wanted to hear the sound of the old man money
      B. He demanded the old man to pay for the scent
      C. He shouted his problem to the old man
      D. He gave the old man some solution

37. "..., which was popular for its delicious bread" (paragraph 1)
      What does the word "delicious" mean?
      A. Sour
      B. Tasty
      C. Bitter
      D. Unpleasant

38. What can we learn from the story above?
      A. We must help poor people
      B. We must take the benefit of what we offer
      C. We should pay nothing for things we use
      D. We shouldn't ask other to pay for what they don't get

The following text is for questions number 39 to 42
Jellyfish are not really fish. They are invertebrate animals. This means that unlike fish or people, they have no backbones. In fact, they have no bones at all.

Jellyfish have stomach and mouth, but no head. They have nervous systems for sensing the world around them, but no brains. They are made almost entirely of water, which is why you can look through them.

Some jellyfish can glow in darkness by making their own light. The light is made by a chemical reaction inside the jellyfish. Scientists believe jellyfish glow for several reasons. For example, they may glow to scare away predators or to attract animals they like to eat.

Most jellyfish live in salt water, apart from a few types that live in fresh water. Jellyfish are found in oceans and seas all over the world. They live in war, tropical seas and in icy waters near the North and South poles.
39. Which one creates Jellyfish's light?
      A. White blood
      B. Nervous system
      C. Chemical reaction
      D. Salt water

40. Based on the text, we know that....
      A. they belong to invertebrate animals
      B. they have heads like other animals
      C. their brain helps them find the food
      D. they can not live in fresh water

41. What is the text about?
      A. Jellyfish
      B. Kinds of all fish
      C. All invertebrate
      D. Some kinds of sea animals

42. "Some jellyfish can glow in the darkness by making their own light." (paragraph 3)
      The word "glow" in the sentence means....
      A. move
      B. produce
      C. appear
      D. shine

Complete the following paragraph with correct word.
I went to Germany with my family....(43) a school holiday a few years ago. It was getting dark, so we were looking for a hotel. Then we ....(44) upon two hotels next each other with .... (45) opening. We just randomly chose one and settled for the night.
43. .....
      A. for
      B. from
      C. since
      D. during

44. .....
      A. come
      B. came
      C. comes
      D. coming

45. .....
      A. park
      B. store
      C. job
      D. room

Complete the following paragraph with correct word.
Most crabs have a (46)..... shell to protect their bodies. The hermit crab has a soft body and no shell of its own. In order to (47) ..... itself, it will find an empty mollusc shell and aqueeze inside (48) ..... Then with only its logs and head sticking old, it will walk around the sea-bed searching for food.
46. .....
      A. shiny
      B. soft
      C. thick
      D. hard

47. .....
     A. close
     B. hide
     C. protect
     D. put

48. .....
     A. completely
     B. insufficiently
     C. partly
     D. slightly

49. Arrange the following words into a good sentence.
      poor - ashamed - his - was - of - because - Malin Kundang - mother
        1             2         3       4      5         6                    7                  8
      A. 7-4-6-3-1-8-5-2
      B. 7-4-1-6-3-8-5-2
      C. 7-4-2-6-5-3-1-8
      D. 7-4-2-6-3-1-8-5

50. Arrange these sentences into a meaningful recount text.
        (1)   Thirty people died, all of them were British
      (2) There were only four survivors, who managed to get out through a broken     window
        (3)   There was a terrible accident on the motorway near Gondolfo last night
        (4)   Luckily the motorway was quiet and no other vehicle was involved in the crash
        (5)   The coach was owned by Gladway Tours London
        (6)   And the driver was in hurry
        (7)   A coach overturned and caught fire
        (8)   The coach left London two hours late.
     A. 3-7-1-5-4-2-6-8
     B. 3-7-1-5-2-4-8-6
     C. 3-7-5-2-1-6-8-4
     D. 3-7-5-8-6-4-2-1


1. C. Tujuan mengajak karena Andre pada tahun sebelumnya tidak ke rumah neneknya.
2. D. Andre adalah sepupu dari Mira dan Randi
3. A. Jhon menjadi yang terbaik dalam pertunjukan
4. B. Best pop singer = penyanyi yang terbaik. perform = bernyanyi
5. D. Surat undangan bertujuan untuk mengundang = invite
6. D. Thompson family akan pindah ke rumah baru jadi mengundang teman-temannya
7. B. Karang yang tajam ada di laut
8. B. Kebun binatang sudah tidak aman bagi pengunjung
9. D. membuka
10. D. Penutupan Monkey Island
11. C. Penyakit yang tidak disebutkan adalah kanker
12. B. Tujuan iklan yaitu mempengaruhi supaya pembaca membeli produk
13. C. Secara tersurat ada di paragrap 1
14. C. Salma menemukan profil Ima di majalah NONA
15. D. Surat ini bercerita tentang kondisi Bima
16. D. Tikus akan lari ketika mencium bau peppermint
17. B. Peppermint sangat berguna untuk mengusir tikus
18. C. Kalimat sebelumnya ada cotton balls jadi them pengganti cotton balls
19. A. Secara tersurat ada di paragrap 2
20. C. untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hidupnya, petani menjual hasil taninya yaitu padi
21. B. sinonim coops = harvest good = hasil tani
22. A. They sebagai kata ganti dari people from out town
23. A. Pokok pikiran utama paragrap terakhir bisa dilihat pada kalimat awal
24. B. Teks bercerita tentang patung sapi yang ada di Boyolali
25. B. Secara tersurat disebutkan pada paragrap kedua
26. D. Alasan pesawat kembali karena polisi mengira ada bom di pesawat
27. D. Pokok pikiran utama paaragrap terakhir ada pada kalimat pertama
28. C. Kata ganti it ditujukan pada teh yang panas
29. D. Lidahnya sakit karena minum teh yang masih panas
30. C. Dari 4 pilihan ada 1 jawaban yang beda yaitu bad day
31. C. Keledai iri karena perbedaan perlakuan petani antara dirinya dan anjing
32. C. Keledai berubah supaya bisa dicintai majikannya
33. B. Cerita ini tentang keledai dan anjing jadi judul yang cocok adalah Donkey and Lapdog
34. C. Tidak baik iri hati terhadap orang lain
35. C. Secara tersurat disebutkan pada paragrap kedua
36. B. Secara tersurat disebutkan pada paragrap ketiga
37. B. Sinonim delicious = tasty = enak
38. D. Kita seharusnya jangan meminta bayaran terhadap sesuatu yang tidak ada
39. C. Secara tersurat disebutkan pada paragrap ketiga
40. A. Secara tersurat disebutkan pada paragrap pertama
41. A. yang sering disebut di teks, itulah inti teks
42. D. sinonim glow = shine = bersinar
43. D. Kata sambung yang cocok adalah during = selama, pada kalimat simple past tense
44. B. Simple past tense menggunakan Verb bentuk kedua (V2)
45. D. yang dibutuhkan adalah kamar untuk istirahat
46. D. hard = keras, kulit kepiting yang keras
47. C. Supaya dapat melindungi dirinya
48. C. Sebagian badannya bersembunyi di dalam kerang
49. C. Malin Kundang merasa malu karena ibunya yang miskin
50. D. Untuk menyusun kalimat dalam satu paragrap harus disusun saling berkaitan

Demikian Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMP Tahun 2012 Kode UN A59-2012. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.


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