Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6 Semester 1

Gak terasa sudah masuk bulan Desember ya... Itu artinya adik-adik sebentar lagi akan menghadapi Ulangan Akhir Semester 1. Untuk membantu belajar kalian, berikut adalah Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6  Semester 1, dipelajari ya...

Text for number 1 to 6

My name is Nuri. I live on Jl. Merdeka. My house is near the post office. Today, my mother asks me to accompany her to the supermarket. The supermarket is on Jl.Bahagia. There are many public places along this street. 

The park is in the corner, near the library. There is a bank across from the police station, there is also a cinema. It is beside a bakery. At last, the supermarket itself. It is between the drugstore and the bus station.

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a,b,c, or d!

1. Where does Nuri live?
    a. on Jl. Bahagia        b. on Jl. Merdeka           c. on Jl. Sudirman          d. on Jl.Benteng

2. Where does her mother want to go?
    a. Bank                    b. Post office                c. Hospital                     d. Supermarket

3. Where is the bank?
    a. near the school                                c. near the drugstore
    b. across from police station                 d. beside post office

4. Where is the supermarket?
    a. between bakery and cinema                    c. between the drugstore and the bus station
    b. near post office                                     d. near the bakery and school

5. Where is the cinema?
    a. beside the bakery                                   c. near school
    b. across from the bank                             d. beside post office

6. Moslems pray in the...
    a. mosque                b. church                  c. temple                           d. airport

7. The capital of East Java is ....
   a. Bandung               b. Surabaya                c. Semarang                      d. Medan

8. Traffic sign means...
   a. persimpangan                                         c. pertigaan
   b. rambu-rambu lalu lintas                           d. sudut

9. The doctor works in the ....
    a. school                  b. garden                   c. market                         d. hospital

10. Dani buys .... in the drugstore.
     a. medicine              b. ball                        c. cake                            d. meatball

11. .... has a trunk.
     a. elephant               b. monkey                  c. lion                            d. tiger

12. .... has two wings.
     a. elephant               b. crocodile                 c. cow                          d. bird

13. We can see animals in the ....
     a. botanical gardel     b. zoo                        c. school                        d. bank

14. Raisa  : "Can you give me a pencil?"
      Nayla : "...., of course."
      a. Yes                     b. No                        c. Please come                d. sit down

15. Pencil A : 20 cm
     Pencil B : 15 cm
     Pencil A is ... than pencil B.
     a. long                     b. shorter                   c. longer                        d. short

16. Train is ... than bus.
      a. fast                     b. slow                      c. faster                         d. slower

17. Santy : "Where do you live?"
      Sania : ".......................".
      a. I'm fine thanks                             c. I live in Sukabumi
      b. sit down!                                    d. Thank you very much

18. The opposite of south is ...
      a. north                  b. west                       c. east                           d. northwest

19. Julie always gets the first rank in her class. She is the ... student in the class.
      a. clever                 b. more clever             c. cleverest                    d. cleverer

20. Windi reads book in the...
      a. library                 b. bank                      c. bathroom                   d. cupboard

II. Fill in the blank by using the word in the box!

21. .... has wings.
22. ... can not run fast.
23. Giraffe has long ....
24. Zebra is similar to...
25. Dog, cat, rabbit are....
26. lion likes to eat...
27. Hi, my name ... Yuli.
28. ... likes to eat banana.
29. There are 5 hens. Each hen has 5 eggs. How many eggs are there?
30. There are 4 rabbits. Each rabbit has two babies. How many rabbits totally?
31. She is .... a comic.
32. What ... you doing?
33. They are ... football in the school yard.
34. We can buys vegetables in the ...
35. He sends a letter to my house. He is a ....

a. Meat
b. Monkey
c. Reading
d. Is
e. Neck
f. 25
g. Are
h. Horse
i. Turtle
j. Animals
k. Birds
l. Playing
m. Post office
n. 12
o. Market

III. Arrange the words into good sentences!

36. reading - I - book - am - a.
37. is - There - a - bag - pen - in - the. 
38. have - We - bags - two.
39. I - pen - red - a - have.
40. wrote - She - letter - a - yesterday.


1. b               6. a              11. a                 16. c
2. d               7. b              12. d                 17. c
3. b               8. b              13. b                 18. a
4. c               9. d              14. a                 19. c
5. a               10. a             15. c                 20. a

21. k             26. a               31. c
22. i              27. d               32. g
23. e             28. b               33. l
24. h             29. f               34. o
25. j              30. n               35. m

36. I am reading a book.
37. There is a pen in the bag.
38. We have two bags
39. I have a red pen.
40. She wrote a letter yesterday.

Itulah Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6  Semester 1. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.


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