Contoh Soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression Model Test One Lengkap Dengan Jawaban

Sepertinya TOEFL sudah menjadi hal yang penting saat ini. Sebelum mengikuti tes TOEFL, ada baiknya sobat semua berlatih dulu supaya hasilnya maksimal. Pada pembelajaran kali ini, kita akan belajar mengerjakan contoh soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression Model Test One . Tapi sobat tidak perlu khawatir, kunci jawabannya sudah disiapkan. Are you ready? Let's start...


The structure and written expression is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English. There are two types of questions in this section, with special directions for each type.

Part A: Structure

Directions : Question 1-15 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see for words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C) and (D). You are to choose one word or phrase that best complete the sentence.

Example I
The swimming instructor came... if the apartment was still available.
A. to see
B. seeing
C. saw
D. for seeing

The sentence should be read "The swimming instructor came to see if the apartment was still available." Therefore, you should choose A.

Now begin work on the questions.

1. The committee has met twice and ....
    A. they reached a final decision
    B. a final decision was reached
    C. its decision was reached
    D. it has reached a final decision

2. The manager won't be able to attend the shareholders' meeting tomorrow because....
    A. he must to give a lecture
    B. he will be giving a lecture
    C. of he will give lecture
    D. he will have giving a lecture

3. Brenda's score on the test is the highest in class.
    A. She should study hard last night.
    B. She should have studied hard last night.
    C. She must have studied hard last night.
    D. She had to study hard last night

4. Mother wanted to serve some coffee to my guests; however....
    A. she hadn't many coffee.
    B. there is not a great amount of coffee.
    C. she didn't have my coffee.
    D. she was out of coffee.

5. Having been served lunch,....
    A. the problems were discussed by the participants.
    B. the participants discuss the problems.
    C. it was discussed by the participants.
    D. A discussion of the problems were made by the participants.

6. East Kalimantan relies heavily on income from oil and natural gas, and....
    A. Aceh province also.
    B. Aceh province too.
    C. Aceh province is as well.
    D. so does Aceh province.

7. The participants have had some problems deciding....
    A. when they should announce the result of the meeting.
    B. when are they sgoing to announce the result of the meeting.
    C. when should they announce the result of the meeting.
    D. the time when the result of the meeting to announce.

8. This year will be more difficult for our organization because....
    A. we have less money and volunteers than last year.
    B. there is a little money and volunteers than last year.
    C. it has less money and fewer volunteers than it had last year.
    D. it has fewer money and less volunteers than it had last year.

9. Professor Baker told his students that...
    A. they can turn over their reports on Mondays.
    B. the reports can turn over on Monday.
    C. they could hand in their reports on Monday.
    D. the reports they can hand in on Monday.

10. The adder is a venomous snake ... bite may prove fatal to humans.
      A. its
      B. whom its
      C. that
      D. whose

11. .... a bee colony gets, the more the queen's egglaying capability diminishers.
      A. It is more overcrowded.
      B. The more overcrowded.
      C. More overcrowded than.
      D. More than overcrowded.

12. The chairwoman requested that ....
      A. the participants studied more careful the problem.
      B. the participants study the problem more carefully.
      C. the participants studied  the problem with more careful.
      D. the problem be studied more carefully.

13. Unlike the earth, which rotates once every twenty-four hours ... once every ten hours.
      A. the rotation of Jupiter
      B. Jupiter rotates
      C. Jupiter rotation
      D. Jupiter rotate

14. Jackson,... capital of Mississippi, is the largest city in the state.
      A. the
      B. it is the
      C. is the
      D. where the

15. The various types of bacteria are classified according to...shapes.
      A. whose
      B. how they are
      C. have
      D. their

Part B: Written Expression
Directions : In question 16-40, each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four underlined parts parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), (D). Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.

Look the examples.

Example I
Brenda must have called her brother last night, but she arrived home too late to call him.
                      A                                                            B                 C             D
The sentence should be read "Brenda should have called her brother last night, but she arrived home too late to call him." Therefore, you should choose A.

Now begin work on the questions.
16. If you buy one box at the regular price, you would receive
                  A                           B                            C
      another one at no extra cost.

17. Located in the cranial cavity in the skull, the brain is the larger
                 A                                                                       B
      mass of nerve tissue in the human body.
                          C                            D

18. Professor Duncan recommended that we are present at the reception
                                                                   A                       B
      this afternoon in order to meet the representatives from the Ford Foundation.
                                   C                                 D

19. There have been little change in the patient's condition since she was
                 A                      B                            C
      moved to the intensive care unit.

20. As a new employee, your duties are mailing the correspondence,
      receive phone calls, and calling the members before meeting.
              B                                           C                        D

21. Passengers are able to clearly see the outline of the whole isolated island 
             A                            B             C                                        D
      from the air plane.

22. Like others from energy, natural gass may be used to heat homes, run
                  A                                   B                C    
      automobiles, and cook food.

23. Neither of the two candidates who had applied for the Industrial
                   A                                               B
      Engineering Department were  eligible for the scholarship.
                                              C                                  D

24. Having choose the topic for their essays, the students were instructed
                A                                    B                                       C
      to make either a preliminary outline or a rough draff.

25. If he would have lived a little longer, he probably would have won
                      A                        B                   C                          D
      the presidential election.

26. Despite the increase in airfares in Indonesia during the monetary crisis,
          A                               B                                             C
      most people still prefer travel by air.

27. This tea pot has the same design, but it is different shaped from that one.
                                      A                                B          C                 D

28. Voslov Nijinsky achieved world recognition at both dancer and
                                   A                  B                C       D
      a choreographer.

29. After the runner had run for a half mile, he had passed the stick
                                  A                 B                      C
     to the next runner.

30. The prices of cars are as high that most people can not afford to buy them.
            A                        B                     C                    D

31. The students wish that their university is as large as State University because
              A                                              B
their facilities are more limited than theirs.
             C                                         D

32. Since infection can cause both fever as well as pain, it is good idea to check
                                              A                   B       C
the patient's temperature.

33. Despite of heavy rain and snow there are always more than 100 thousands fans
       A               B                              C                                                   D
      at the football games.

34. This new model not only saves energy but also times by operating two batteries
                                  A                     B                   C
      instead of four.

35. The purpose of traveler's cheque is to protect travelers from theft, robbery,
                                           A                   B             C
      and lost.

36. After studying all the new materials more seriously, the students were able
             A                                                        B              
      to rise their test scores by thirty-five point.
           C                                             D

37. The volume two of my encyclopedic set has been missing for 2 months.
                A                                 B                              C                 D

38. I suggest that my brother goes to the doctor as soon as he returns from exam.
            A                              B                                C                 D

39. You had better to change your study habits it you hope to be admitted 
                                   A                      B                                      C
      to a state university next year.

40. Mr. David used to jogging in the crisp morning air during the winter months,
                        A                                         B                                      C
      but now he has stopped.


1. D                         11. B                       21. B                    31. B
2. B                         12. B                       22. A                    32. B
3. B                         13. B                       23. C                    33. C
4. C                         14. A                       24. A                    34. C
5. B                         15. B                       25. A                    35. D
6. D                         16. B                       26. D                    36. C
7. A                         17. B                       27. C                    37. A
8. C                         18. A                       28. D                    38. B
9. C                         19. A                       29. C                    39. A
10.D                        20. B                       30. B                    40. A

Itulah Contoh Soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression Model Test One. Untuk menghitung skornya silahkah buka: Cara Mudah Menghitung Skot TOEFL . Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.

Sumber : Memahami Struktur dan Tata Bahasa TOEFL, Penerbit Lingua Publishing Jogjakarta.


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