Contoh Soal UKK / UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 2 Semester 2

Hai adik-adik kelas 2 SD, berlatih soal Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) yukk....
I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, or c!
    Text for number 1 to 5
    My name is Tiara. I am eight years old.
    My mother is Mrs.Julie, she is a teacher
    and my father is Mr.Sakti, he is a policeman.
    I have two sisters. They are Tania and Tenny.
    I have one brother, he is Teddy.
    I have a happy family.

1. Who is Tiara's mother?
    a. Mrs.Rina
    b. Mrs.Tania
    c. Mrs.Julie

2. What is Tiara's father?
    a. teacher
    b. policeman
    c. doctor

3. Teddy is Tiara's...
     a. father
     b. brother
     c. sister

4. How many sisters does Tiara have?
    a. one
    b. two
    c. three

5. Is Mrs.Julie a teacher?
    a. Yes, she is
    b. Yes, he is
    c. No, she is not

6. We meet Mr.Dhika in the morning. We say ...
    a. Good night
    b. Good bye
    c. Good morning

7. A :"........................?"
    B :"I'm fine, thnak you."
    a. How old are you?
    b. How are you today?
    c. Where do you live?

8. A :".......................?"
    B :"My name is Dias."
    a. Where are you?
    b. How are you?
    c. What is your name?

9. I have two .... (mata)
    a. eyes
    b. ears
    c. nose

10. I have ten .... (jari tangan)
      a. fingers
      b. toes
      c. cheeks

11. Ear is for ...
      a. seeing
      b. hearing
      c. walking

12. There are ... days in a week.
       a. five
       b. six
       c. seven

13. Before Tuesday is .....
      a. Wednesday
      b. Thursday
      c. Monday

14. We have flag ceremony on ....
       a. Monday
       b. Tuesday
       c. Friday

15. We have holiday on ....
      a. Monday
      b. Sunday
      c. Wednesday

16. The students a reading books in the ....
      a. canteen
      b. toilet
      c. library

17. .... is the leader of a school.
      a. Headmaster
      b. School guard
      c. Students

18. Mrs. Dania goes to school everyday. She is a ....
      a. teacher
      b. doctor
      c. nurse

19. I eat meatball in the ...
      a. toilet
      b. classroom
      c. canteen

20. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,....
      a. Friday
      b. Wednesday
      c. Thursday

Text for number 21 to 25
Going to the Zoo

This is holiday. Sinta and her family go to the zoo.
There are many animals in the zoo. There are elephants,
tiger, lion, giraffe, birds, gorilla and snake. In the zoo,
there are six elephants, ten birds, twelve giraffes and
nine gorillas. She is very happy to go to the zoo with
her family.

21. When does Sinta go to the zoo?
      a. holiday
      b. today
      c. now

22. With whom does Sinta go to the zoo?
      a. his family
      b. her friends
      c. her family

23. There are six .... in the zoo.
      a. giraffes
      b. elephants
      c. gorillas

24. How many gorillas are in the zoo?
      a. eight
      b. nine
      c. ten

25. Sinta is very ... to go to the zoo with her family.
      a. happy
      b. sad
      c. tired

26. .... likes to eat banana.
      a. lion
      b. tiger
      c. monkey

27. .... has four legs.
      a. fish
      b. chicken
      c. rabbit

28. 12 + 8 = ....
      a. twenty
      b. twenty one
      c. twenty two

29. 18 - 6 = ....
       a. five
       b. six
       c. seven

30. 30 : 3 = ....
      a. nine
      b. ten
      c. eleven

Match !
31.  Sunday                                     a. Tujuh singa
32. What is your name?                    b. Apa kabarmu?
33. Seven lions                                c. Minggu
34. Library                                      d. Paman
35. How are you?                             e. Siapa nama kamu?
36. Where do you live?                     f. Perpustakaan
37. Son                                           g. Anak kandung laki-laki
38. Uncle                                         h. Kakek
39. Grand father                              i. Dimana kamu tinggal?
40. Twenty seven                             j. Dua puluh tujuh


1. c              11. b            21. a             31. c
2. b              12. c            22. c             32. e
3. b              13. c            23. b             33. a
4. b              14. a            24. b             34. f
5. a              15. b            25. a             35. b
6. c              16. c            26. c             36. i
7. b              17. a            27. c             37. g
8. c              18. a            28. a             38. d
9. a              19. c            29. b             39. h
10. a            20. b            30. b             40. j

Semoga bermanfaat...


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