Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6 Semester 1



I.         Choose the correct answer by crossing (X)  A, B, C, or D !

Read the text below to answer number 1 – 5

My School


This is my school. It has many rooms. There is a library near a classroom. And it also has a big yard with flag ceremony pole in the middle. It has some toilet and we keep it clean. My school also has a canteen, and it clean too.

There is a teacher in front of the classroom, the headmaster is in the office, and many students in the garden. Some of them stay at mosque or canteen. I’m happy studying here. I have many smart and good friends, and also the best teacher.


1.      What is the text about … .

A.    rooms

B.     a building

C.     a teacher

D.    a school


2.      Where is the headmaster?

He is in … .

A.    the classroom

B.     the office

C.     the library

D.    the toilet

3.      There is a … near the classroom.

A.    canteen

B.     flag ceremony

C.     mosque

D.    library


4.      Where is the flag ceremony pole … .

A.    in front of the school                   

B.     in the field

C.     in the middle of the yard             

D.    in the classroom


5.      What does the writer feel about his school … .

A.    glad

B.     upset

C.     sad

D.    proud


Read the letter below to answer 6 – 8

Dear Uncle Tara,


          Thank you for the new teddy bear. I like it so much.

 I call him Snowy because of his white color. I always play

 with him every night.

          I hope you can come to visit me someday.

                                                                                                                                                                                    With love,




6.      Who sends the letter … .

A.    Uncle Tara                                                 C. bear

B.     Nindi                                                         D. Snowy


7.      What does he give to Nindi … .

A.    a bear

B.     a snow

C.     a doll

D.    a toy


8.      Who gave Snowy to Nindi … .

A.    Nindi                                                        

B.     A bear                                                      

C.     Uncle Tara

D.    Teddy


  1. Demam in English is ….

A.                fever

B.                 headache

C.                 toothache

D.                broken leg


Read the text below to answer 10 – 14

The Food We Eat


What is your favorite food? Some people love fast food. Some love ice cream. But you can’t eat only fast food and ice cream all the time. You also need fruits, vegetables, and other kinds of foods.

            Why do we need food? We need foods for many reasons. We need foods in order to live. When we feel hungry, we need to eat more food.

            Every part of our body uses energy from foods. Our brain uses energy to think. Your heart uses energy to beat. Your muscle use energy to move. So, eat the right kinds of foods to keep us healthy.


10.  What is the main idea of the third paragraph … .

A.    We need to eat much

B.     Our favorite food

C.     We need food to live

D.    Our body need energy from food


11.  What is the text about … .

A.    right food

B.     fast food

C.     kind of food

D.    the function of food


12.  Why do we need food … .

A.    for stay alive

B.     for getting fat

C.     for use energy

D.    for  move


13.  What the function of food to our brain?

It is for …

A.    keep healthy

B.     think

C.     live

D.    beat


14.  What the conclusion of the text above?

A.    we have to eat our favorite food

B.     eat the right food to keep us healthy

C.     eat more food when feel hungry

D.    fast food and ice cream is bad for health


Read the text below to answer 15 – 19


There is a zoo near my town. It is not very big, but it is amusing for everyone who goes there. Everyone is happy to see wild animals. There are tigers, elephants, lions, monkeys, deer, snakes, birds, etc.

On Sunday, a lot of people are coming to the zoo. Look! The tigers are sleeping, the deer are eating grass, the snakes are crawling on the ground. The monkeys are jumping from the trees. And the visitors enjoy looking them.


15.  What is near of the town … .

A.      tiger

B.       wild animals

C.       zoo

D.      buildings 


16.   Is the zoo very big … .

A.      No, it is not.

B.       No, they are not.

C.       Yes, it is.

D.      Yes, it does.


17.   What are the tiger doing … .

A.    eating

B.     crawling

C.     jumping

D.    sleeping


18.   Why do many people like to go there … .

A.       because it’s amusing them

B.       because it’s a big zoo

C.       because it’s near from the town

D.       because we can touch wild animals


19.     When do a lot of people coming to the zoo … .

A.      on weekdays

B.       on Sunday

C.       on weekend

D.      on Saturday


20. National Monument is the name of ….

A. Park

B. Zoo

C. Museum

D. Playground


Read the passage below to answer 21 – 25



There is a hospital in Depok City, its name is Permata Hospital. It is a big hospital, and it has many rooms. There are treatment rooms, laboratory, dispensary, waiting room, mortuary, etc.

Each room has different function. Mortuary is a place to put dead people. Treatment is a place to take care patients. People can buy medicine at dispensary. Sick people get first aid in emergency room, and there are still many rooms in the hospital.

Mr. Ruddy is a doctor at Permata Hospital. He examines and cures patients. And his brother, Mr. Ray is a surgeon. He operates patient in operation room. And there are some nurses who helps the doctor.


21.  Where is the place that we can buy medicines … .

A.    dispensary

B.    mortuary

C.    treatment room

D.    emergency room


22.  Where is the place to put dead patient … .

A.    hospital

B.    mortuary

C.    operation room

D.    dispensary


23.   Who helps the doctor … .

A.    surgeon

B.    chemist

C.    nurse

D.    Mr. Ruddy


24.   Who does operate the patients … .

A.    chemist

B.    nurse

C.    doctor

D.    surgeon


25.  Where does the text take place … .

A.    in a treatment rooms

B.    in an emergency room

C.    in Depok City

D.    in a hospital


II.                Fiil in the blank with suitable word in the box !

-          Coffee       - Zoo               - Menu             - Noodle         

-          Juice          - Cinema          - Beach            - Milk             

-          Cough        - Vegetable

26.  Alex is a sixth grade student.. One day he play raining when go to house, and now He get … .

27. It is a place where we can see film.

            It is always visited many people who want to see film.

            It is the ... .


28.  My family and I go to this place on holiday.

            There are many animals. The animals are placed in the cage.

            It is the ... .


29. The scenery is so beautiful. There are many birds fly freely.

            You can see big waves and sunset there. It is the … .


30.       Before order the foods we have to read … .

31.       This is a kind of drink. The color is black.

Drink when it hot is more delicious.

It has distinct aroma and flavor. It made from the seeds.

What is that … .


32.             Mom          :      What do you want to eat ?

                  Ririn          :       I want to eat … . (Mie)


33.       Look at the picture!

            I am very like to drink it. It is sweet and yummy.

            I always drink it when I’m breakfast, my mom makes it for me.

            I like the chocolate taste. But naturally, it’s white and tasteless

            because produced by an animal.

            What kind of the drink that writer means … .


34.       Tomato, cabbage, corn, onion, and carrot are the names of … .


35.       Look at the picture!

            This is the kind of drinking water.

It made from blended fruit.

It very delicious when we drink with ice, and in the hot season.

What is that … .


III.       Answer these questions below !

36.       Arrange into a correct order !

            a.      is – a place – to buy – Market – thing – where – people – go

            b.      a place – where – go – people – to see – Zoo – is – animals

37.       Mention 4 the names of foods do you know !

38.       Arrange into a correct order !

            a.      the hospital – to – An ambulance – use – sick – to bring – people 

            b.      his – neck – wears – Doctor – around – stethoscope 

39.       Mention 4 the names of drinks do you know !

40.       Complete the dialogue below !

            Jack  :        Hello, Jane.

            Jane :        Hello, ( 1 ) … .     

            Jack  :        Where will you go ?

            Jane  :        I will go to the ( 2 ) … .

                              because my sister is sick.

            Jack  :        "How is She now ?"

            Jane :        He gets fever, but the ( 3 ) … has examine her condition.

            Jack  :        I am sorry to hear that.

                              I hope She get better.

            Jane  :        I hope so.

                              Thanks Jack.






1.       D             11. D                      21. A

2.       B             12. A                      22. B

3.       D             13. B                      23. C

4.       C             14. B                      24. D

5.       A             15. C                      25. C

6.       B             16. A

7.       C             17. D

8.       C             18. A

9.       A             19. B

10.    D             20. C


II.      ISIAN

26. COUGH                  31. COFFEE

27. CINEMA                32. NOODLE

28. ZOO                         33. MILK

29. BEACH                  34. VEGETABLE

30. MENU                     35. JUICE



36.          a.         Market  is a place where people go to buy thing                                                                  

                b.         Zoo is a place where people go to see animals

37.          1.         Rice                                                                                                                 

                2.         Noodles

                3.         Meatball

                4.         Porridge

                5.         Hamburger, etc

38.          a.         An ambulance use to bring sick people to the hospital.

                b.         Doctor wears stethoscope around his neck

39.          1.         Water                                                                              

                2.         Milk

                3.         Syrup

                4.         Tea

                5.         Coffee, etc

40.          1.        Jane                                                                                 

                2.         Hospital

                3.         Doctor










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