Contoh Soal UTS Ganjil SMP Kelas 9





1.      Situation :

Fadhli is going to participate in the story telling competition.

Hikmah shows her hope that Fadhli will get a prize.

The conversation:

Fadhli              :  “Hikmah, wish me luck. I will take part in the story

     telling competition.”

Hikmah           :  “………………………... I hope you will win the


A.    Thank you very much                   C. I’m sorry

B.     I hope so                                       D. Sure, Good luck


2.      Situation :

Fitra has just finished drawing a picture of Tinta, his best friend.

He will present it to her on her birthday. Dara praises the picture and she’s

sure that Tinta will like it.

Dara    :  “Fitra, that’s a beautiful picture. I’m sure Tinta will like it.”

Fitra     :  “…………………………..”

A.    Wish me luck                                C. Good luck

B.        Happy birthday                           D. Thanks. I hope so too


3.      The following are the expression of hope, except ….

A.    I hope your father will be okay soon

B.     I have to go to airport

C.     Let’s hope we will pass the National Examination

D.    I hope you will success


4.      You hear that your classmate, Andi, got an accident and his arm was

 injured when he rode his bicycle yesterday.

What would you say to express your hope about Andi’s condition?

A.    I hope he gets well soon

B.     He should not ride bicycle carelessly

C.     Good Job!

D.    I have to visit him in the hospital


5.      Elki      : “Happy birthday to you, Mail. May God bless you”.

Ismail  : ……

Elki      : “You’re welcome.”

A.    I’m sorry                                       C. I hope so

B.     Well done!                                                D. Thanks


6.      Alya    “ Do you know where is Gibril?”

Nisa     :”I heard he went to Semarang. His uncle held a wedding party.

Alya    :”… He has promised to company me watching movie tomorrow.”

A.    Thank you

B.     Congratulation

C.     I agree with you

D.    I hope he will go home soon


7.      Haris    :”What do you think about tangled movie?”

Sinta    :”I think it is a good movie. Although it  is animation, but it contain

               many  moral values.”

Haris    :”…. I think this movie isn’t fit for us, isn’t for children.

A.    Do you agree?                               C. I completely agree

B.     Sure                                               D. I don’t think so


8.      If we want to show our agreement, we can say…

A.    I don’t think so

B.     I’m with you

C.     good job!

D.    Thank you


9.      Rina     : “…… If we play badminton this afternoon?”

Rini     :”Yes, I agree. We can ask Nuri and Wahyu to play badminton.”

Rina     :”That’s a good idea, so we can play it in double.

A.    I hope everything is okay              C. What do you think?

B.     You are right                                 D. May I congratulate you on?


10.  If we want to ask someone not to tell something, we say….

A.    Tell it to others                              C. Please tell to anothers

B.     Don’t tell to anyone else               D. You should tell it to others


This text is for questions number 11-13

Indra     :”Hi, Fajar, My father asks me to pick my brother, Ismail, in his school,

                 but at the same time  I have a promise to accompany Heri to buy a new

                 jacket. What do you suggest? I am confused.”

Fajar      :”I would recommend that you pick your brother first then you can go to

                accompany  Heri. I think that is the good solution for you.”

Indra     :”That’s good suggestion, thanks.”


11. Who asks Indra to pick Ismail in his school?

       A. Heri           B. Fajar           C. Fajar’s father          D. Indra’s father


12.  Fajar says”I would recommend that you pick your brother first then you can go

to accompany Heri. I think that is the good solution for you.” It means that he ….

A.    ask a suggestion

B.     give a suggestion

C.     accept a suggestion

D.    reject a suggestion


13.  Does Indra accept Fajar’s suggestion?

A.Yes, he is     B. No, He is not          C. Yes, he does           D. No, he doesn’t


14.  Endro  : “Do you agree if we go to night festival tonight, Gus?”

Agus    :”….. I want to play some games there.”

Endro  :”I’ll pick you at seven pm.”

Agus    : O.K.

A. That’s a good idea                                     C. No, I disagree

B. Do you agree?                                            D. Sorry, I have another opinion


15.  Beni     : “Remember that Dayu got diarrhea because she did not wash the

                            fruit before she ate it.”

             Luna   : “So, you should always wash your fruit before you eat it ….. you

               will not get diarrhea.”

             A. so that       B. but              C. because       D. before


16.  They …… wear sandals, a T-shirt, or a casual wear at anyplace and at any time

during the school hours.

A.must                        B. in order to   C. must not     D. so that


17.  Here are the expressions of prohibition, except ….

A.Don’t use dictionary.                                  C. Do it yourself

B. Don’t be pessimist.                                     D. Don’t cry


18.  To respond the expression of prohibition, we can say …

A.    thanks        B. so that         C. alright         D. in order to


19.  Ani      : “Where is Andi, Don? ….. I will borrow some money from him.

Doni    :”Sorry, I don’t know where he is.”

            A.I had to go to canteen                     C. What do you suggest?

            B. I have to meet him                         D. What your plan?


20.  We …. Have a driving license when we drive/ride a vehicle.

A.    must          B. had to         C. have to        D. mustn’t


21.  Edi      : “…………………………”.

Alex    :”Yes, I have to go now. I have a promise with my father

                To go to the hospital”.

Edi      :” take care.”

A. I have to go now                            C. You mustn’t go now.

B. What do we have to go now?        D. Do you have to go now?


22.  Fajar    :”I want to make a kite, but I don’t have paper. What do you suggest?

Eko      :”… use plastic. I’ve ever seen a plastic kite.

Fajar    :”O.K. I will use it. Thanks.”

A.    Why don’t you

B.     I agree with you

C.     What do you think I should do

D.    Do you have any suggestion


23.  Today is our National Examination test. So, we … be late.

A.    have to      B. had to         C. has to          D. mustn’t


24.  Throw the rubbish in the …., please.

A.    class           B. yard                        C. floor            D. bin


25.  If you want to say a farewell for the last time before I continue my study

 in Australia, please…. to the Adi Sucipto airport this evening.

A.    come          B. came           C. coming        D. comes


For number 26-30

Fill in the blanks with the correct expressions!

a.          Congratulation                                    d. Are you serious?

b.         Heard                                      e. first rank

c.          Thank you


Yani    : I haven’t told you what happened yet, have I?

Indri    : I haven’t (26) …. anything.

Yani    : My father give me a new laptop because I got (27) … last


Indri    : (28) ….

Yani    : Yes, I am very excited.

Indri    : (29) … on your first rank and for you’re a new laptop, Yani.

Yani    : (30) ….

Indri    : Sorry, I had to go, Yani. See you in the next semester.

Yani    : See you.




1.      D               16. C

2.      D               17. C

3.      B               18. C

4.      A               19. B

5.      D               20. A

6.      D               21. D

7.      D               22. A

8.      B               23. D

9.      C               24. D

10.  B               25. A

11.  D               26. B

12.  B               27. E

13.  C               28. B

14.  A               29. A

15.  A               30. C














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