Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 2 Semester 1 Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban

Berdasarkan kalender akademik, sebentar lagi semester 1 akan berakhir. Tepatnya di awal bulan Desember akan dilaksanakan Ulangan Akhir Semester (UAS). Untuk adik-adik kelas 2 dan Bapak/Ibu guru yang memerlukan referensi untuk soal UAS, berikut adalah Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 2 Semester 1 Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban.

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a b or c!
   (Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan menyilang (x) huruf a b atau c!)

Text for number 1 to 3
I have a friend.
His name is Reza.
He is a smart boy.
He likes reading.
He goes to the library in the break time.
On the way, he meets Dara.
He says good morning to her.

1. Reza likes ....
    a. singing
    b. reading
    c. writing

2. Reza goes to the ... in the break time.
    a. library
    b. canteen
    c. laboratory

3. Reza says .... to Dara.
    a. Good morning
    b. Good afternoon
    c. Good night

4. In the afternoon, I say good ....
    a. morning
    b. evening
    c. afternoon

5. Yuli    : "See you tomorrow, Diana."
    Diana : "..... Yuli."
    a. good morning
    b. see you
    c. good night

6. Before sleeping Siena says good ... to her mother.
    a. morning
    b. afternoon
    c. good night

7. I sit on the ....

    a. table
    b. door
    c. chair

8. The map is hanging on the ....
    a. roof
    b. wall
    c. floor

9. It is for cleaning the dust. It is a ....

a. duster
b. broom
c. basket

10. The students are studying in the ....
       a. toilet
       b. classroom
       c. canteen

11. This is a ....
a. clock
b. lamp
c. vase

12. 17 - 5 = ....
      a. eleven
      b. twelve
      c. thirteen

13. This is number ....
       a. forty four
       b. forty five
       c. forty six

14. 20 + 50 = ....
      a. fifty
      b. sixty
      c. seventy

Dialogue for number 15 to 17

Hardi :"What are the children playing?"
Rita   :"They are playing football."
Hardi :"What do they need to play?"
Rita   :"They need a ball."
Hardi :"Where can they play it?"
Rita   :"They can play in the field."

15. The children are playing ....
      a. football
      b. basketball
      c. volleyball

16. To play football, the children need ....
      a. ball
      b. marbles
      c. mask

17. The children are playing football in the ....
      a. field
      b. street
      c. kitchen

18. My mother is .... in the kitchen.
      a. painting
      b. cooking
      c. fishing

19. My teacher uses a piece of ... to write on the blackboard.
      a. book
      b. magazine
      c. chalk

20. We need a .... to do surfing.
       a. book
       b. pencil
       c. surfboard

II. Match!

21. 20 + 20 = ...                                   a. music
22. Selamat tinggal                             b. pencil case
23. I put pencil in the ....                     c. See you tomorrow
24. I need ... to clean the floor.           d. broom
25. 50 - 25 = ....                                   e. forty
26. My hobby is listening to the ....    f. newspaper
27. My father is reading a ....              g. vase
28. Apa kabarmu?                              h. How are you?
29. Sampai jumpa besok                     i. twenty five
30. The flowers are on the ...               j. good bye

1. b             11. a
2. a             12. b
3. a             13. b
4. c             14. c
5. b             15. a
6. c             16. a
7. c             17. a
8. b             18. b
9. a             19. c
10. b           20. c

1. e
2. j
3. b
4. d
5. i
6. a
7. f
8. h
9. c
10. g

Itulah Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 2 Semester 1 Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.

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