Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4 Semester 1 Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban

I. Read the text and answer the following questions!
   (Baca dengan cermat lalu jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaannnya!)

                                           A Visit to Yuli's Room

Diana is going to go to Yuli's house. She is Yuli's best friend. She goes to Yuli's house on foot because it is near her house.

Yuli welcome Diana nicely. Yuli says, "Hi, Diana welcome. It's very nice to have you here". Yuli is so happy that Diana can come to her house. Yuli takes Diana to her room. Yuli's room is next to the the living room in the house. Yuli keeps a cat in her house. The name of the cat is Cola.

All in Yuli's room are blue in color. The bed, the bolster, the pillow, the blanket and even the wall is painted blue. It is only the floor remaining white. The room is so comfortable. Diana stays in Yuli's room for almost three hours. Yuli gives Diana a gift when Diana wants to go home. The gift is a blue bag.

1. Is Yuli Diana's best friend?
2. Why does Diana go on foot?
3. What did Yuli say to welcome Diana?
4. What is Yuli's pet?
5. What is the gift from yuli?

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a b c or d!
   (Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan menyilang (x) huruf a b c atau d!)

6. Tiara likes .... very much.

    a. Tulip
    b. Jasmine
    c. sun flower
    d. Rose

7. Amara likes .... very much.
a. lotus
b. rose
c. tulip
d. jasmine

8. .... is a way to cross a river.
    a. crossroads
    b. pavement
    c. bridge
    d. restaurant

9. There is a traffic light at the ....
    a. crossroads
    b. station
    c. restaurant
    d. hotel

10. Amir waits for a bus at the ....
     a. station
     b. bus stop
     c. canteen
     d. hospital

11. Adit is playing ....
a. swing
b. slide
c. fountain
d. see-saw

12. ... have dark spots on their bodies.
     a. spiders
     b. elephants
     c. leopards
     d. camel

13. A zebra likes to eat ....
      a. grass
      b. rice
      c. corn
      d. egg

14. Yuni brushes her teeth with a ....
      a. towel
      b. soap
      c. dipper
      g. toothbrush

15. ..... looks like a big cat.
      a. elephant
      b. giraffe
      c. snake
      d. tiger

16. Shanti wears .... on her hair.
      a. bracelet
      b. earring
      c. hairband
      d. ring

17. Sania uses ... to wash her hair.
      a. soap
      b. toothpaste
      c. shampoo
      d. detergent

18. Girls like to play ....
      a. doll
      b. yo-yo
      c. top
      d. mask

19. I have a yo-yo. The yo-yo is ....
      a. falling and rising
      b. spinning
      c. crawling
      d. walking

20. This toy is very expensive.
       a. yo-yo
       b. playstation
       c. marble
       d. mask

21. This animal eats banana.
       a. elephant
       b. banana
       c. giraffe
       d. snake

22. This animal lives in the pond.
      a. goldfish
      b. cat
      c. dog
      d. bird

23. This toy can fly up in the sky.
      a. kite
      b. yo-yo
      c. giant mask
      d. toy car

24. Rani lays her head on the .....
      a. lamp
      b. mirror
      c. cupboard
      d. pillow

25. The bedsheets covers the .....
       a. bed
       b. bolster
       c. pillow
       d. table

III. Fill in the blanks bellow!
      (Isilah titik-titik di bawah ini!)

26. I dry my body after take a bath with a .....
27. we take water using the ....
28. Ananda wears ... on her neck.
29. Sandra wears .... on his waist.
30. We must have ... before going to school.
31. The roots are absorbing water from the ....
32. We put the clothes inside the ....
33. ..... can carry human.
34. Dog eats ....
35. Cat eats ....

1. Yes, she is
2. because it is near her house
3. Hi, Diana welcome. It is very nice to have you here.
4. cat
5. a blue bag

6. d               16. c
7. a               17. c
8. c               18. a
9. a               19. a
10. b             20. b
11. a             21. b
12. c             22. a
13. a             23. a
14. d             24. d
15. d             25. a

26. towel
27. dipper
28. necklace
29. belt
30. breakfast
31. ground
32. wardrobe
33. horse
34. bone
35. fish

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