Penjelasan Dan Contoh Descriptive Text

A. Social Function:
To describe a particular person, place or thing.
B. Generic Structure
- Identification : Identifies phenomenon to be described.
- Description : Describes parts, qualities, characteristics.

C. Penjelasan
1. Ciri Umum:
a. Tujuan Komunikatif Teks:
Mendeskripsikan ciri-ciri seseorang, benda atau tempat tertentu.
b. Struktur Teks:
- Pengenalan subjek ;
- Ciri-ciri subjek, misalnya tampilan fisik, kualitas, perilaku umum, sifat-sifat dan lain-lain.
c. Ciri Kebahasaan
- noun (kata benda) tertentu, misalnya doctor, hospital, teacher, school, house, the cat, the dog, dll.
- simple present tense
- berbagai macam adjectives, yang bersifat describing, numbering, classifying, misalnya, two strong hands, two strong legs, sharp white fang, dll.

2. Contoh dan Struktur Teks
Contoh 1 :
Identification :
Julie's school is SMPN 3 
Description : 
It is on Jalan Pelabuhan 2. The school has 27 classrooms, a teachers' office, a headmaster's office, a staff office, a laboratory, a data room, a library and a computer room. The school also has some lavatories, ten canteens and a beautiful mosque.

Contoh 2 :
                                                     Gembiraloka Zoo

Gembiraloka zoo is located about 4 KM east of Central Post-Office. Gembira means happy and Loka is place. Hopefully one should be happy by visiting it.

As it is not far from down town, it is within the reach of andong or becak relax tour. The zoo Park is one of the favorite place in the city visited by mainly domestic tourists (more than 650.000 visitors a year) but also some foreign tourists watching closely the famous reptiles Komodos (Varanus Comodoensis), originally live only in Komodo island, nearby Flores.

The well-arranged zoo, amidst a park of green garden, with a large artificial lake for boating has adequate collection of some tropical animals. The zoo management tries to put the animals in more spacious stables, to feel more comfortable.

During week-ends and school holidays, there are many parents take their children to the zoo, to see the animals and see the animals and special animal show. Sometime, in special occasion, open door music performance with some famous singers and artists organized in this park. This should bring a big crowd. But during normal days, everything is calmer, a traveler could enjoy the visit comfortably.

Itulah Penjelasan Dan Contoh Descriptive Text. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.

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