Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 Semester 2

Semakin banyak berlatih, pasti kalian akan semakin terampil. Untuk membantu kalian yang sedang mencari soal-soal latihan, berikut adalah Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 Semester 2. Disimak ya...

I.         Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c, or d !
Text for Number 1 to 3

Nowadays, people are easy to move to other places. They may choose many means of transportation. If they want to go for a long distance, they can go by plane. Plane can move very fast. It can also carry many people. When people want to cross the sea, they can go by ship. It can carry thousand of people.

1.        Nowadays, people are … to move to other places.
a.  difficult                     
b. easy                          
c. common                  
d. slow

2.        A … can reach a long distance in a few hours.
a.  Car                            
b. Plane                      
c. Bus                           
d. Train

3.        A ship moves slowly, but it can carry … of people.
a.   a few                          
b. not many                 
 c.a little                       
d. thousands

4.        Nadya : “What is number before fifty four?”
Nayla  : “It is number ….”
a.   Fifty two                     
b. fifty three                 
c. fifty five                   
d. fifty six

5.        Amira  : “ What is eleven multiplied by four?”
Ratna : “ It is ….”
a.   Forty four                    
b. forty two                  
c. forty one                  
d. forty

6.        Twenty five divided by five is ….
a.  Three                          
b. five                           
c. seven                        
d. nine

7.        A bus stops at the ….
a. bus station                  
b. railway station       
c. harbor                     
d. airport

8.        Mr. Fahri goes to Kalimantan by …. because it can carry thousands people.
a.   Helicopter                     
b. plane                         
c. bicycle                      
d. ship

9.        Mr. Agus  makes chairs and tables. He is a …
a.   Sailor                           
b. dentist                      
c. carpenter                  
d. painter

10.    Mrs. July types the letters. She is a ….
a.   Shopkeeper                 
b. typist                       
c. tailor                       
d. nurse

11.    Mr. Pramono works in a library. He is a ….
a.       Lawyer                        
b. buyer                      
c. architect                  
d. librarian

12.    Mr. Sabar flies the plane. He is a ….
a.       Policeman                    
b. librarian                   
c. pilot                         
d. dentist

13.    Purwosari and Balapan are the names of ….
a.       Harbour                       
b. railway station         
c. bus station                
d. air port

14.    Traditional transportations needed a long time to move to other places because ….
a.    They move fast                                 
b.    They couldn’t  move fast    
c. They are expensive
d. They are cheap

15.    I take care of the school garden. I am a ….
a.       Doctor                        
b. typist                       
 c. gardener                  
 d. director

II.      Fill in the blanks with the correct answer !

16. Number before twenty five is ....
17. Number after sixty six is ....
18. Ten multiplied by two is ....
19. Forty five divided by five is ....
20. Four multiplied by four is ....
21. Mr. Jono plants paddy in the rice field. He is a ....
22. Mr. Darsono makes tables and chair. He is a ....
23. Mrs. Diana works in an office. She types the letters. She is a ....
24. Mrs.Yuli teaches the students at school. She is a ....
25. Mr. Boyke cures the patients. He is a ....

1. a
2. b
3. d
4. b
5. a
6. b
7. a
8. d
9. c
10. b
11. d
12. c
13. b
14. b
15. c
16. twenty four
17. sixty seven
18. twenty
19. nine

20. sixteen
21. farmer
22. carpenter
23. typist
24. teacher
25. doctor

Semoga bermanfaat.


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