Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SD Semester Ganjil Kelas 4

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, or d!
   (Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan menyilang (x) huruf a, b, c, atau d!)

Text for number 1 to 5

                                               Sandi and His Sisters

         Mr. and Mrs. Surya have three children. There are two daughters and one son. The name of the daughters are Chyntia and Clara. The name of the son is Sandi. They live happily everyday. 
         The children have different toys to play. Chyntia and Clara have their own toys. Chyntia has a barbie doll and Clara has yo-yo.  They play the toys with their classmates. Sandi has a kite. He plays a kite with his friend in front of his house.

1. How many children do Mr. and Mrs. Surya have?
    a. two
    b. three
    c. four
    d. five

2. What is the name of the son?
    a. Chyntia
    b. Clara
    c. Sandi
    d. Surya

3. What is Cyntia's toy?
     a. kite
     b. barbie doll
     c. yo-yo
     d. mask

4. What is Sandi's toy?
     a. barbie doll
     b. yo-yo
     c. mask
     d. kite

5. Where does Sandi play his toy?
     a. in front of his house
     b. in the house
     c. in the field
     d. in the school

6. This animal eats fish. It is a ....
    a. cat
    b. elephant
    c. chicken
    d. horse

7. This animals can carry human. It is a ...
    a. horse
    b. monkey
    c. dog
    d. cat

8. We wear this for sleeping. It is a ....
    a. jacket
    b. uniform
    c. rain coat
    d. pyjamas

9. Most moslem wears this for praying. It is a ....
    a. tie
    b. sarong
    c. pyjamas
    d. rain coat

10. We must have .... to wake up on time.
      a. bolster
      b. alarm clock
      c. pillow
      d. lamp

11. The .... is on the bed.
      a. lamp
      b. dressing table
      c. pillow
      d. mirror

12. The bedsheet covers the ....
       a. pillow
       b. bolster
       c. blanket
       d, bed

13. Sandi lays his head on the ....
      a. lamp
      b. bolster
      c. pillow
      d. mirror

14. The person has to manage the school well.
       a. headmaster
       b. student
       c. teacher
       d. security


Nia : What do you have for dinner?
Tia : I have ....
a. french fries
b. fried chicken
c. beef burger
d. chicken nugget


Yuli : What do you have for lunch?
Nuri : I have ....
a. milk
b. pizza
c. fried rice
d. fried noodle


Selly : What is this?
Dina  : This is the ... of a tree.
a. branch
b. root
c. flower
d. twig

Tania : What is this?
Clara  : This is the ... of a tree.
a. root
b. branch
c. twig
d. flower

19. It is cold, we must have a ...
      a. blanket
      b. mirror
      c. lamp
      d. bolster

20. Cindy combs her hair in front of the ....
      a. lamp
      b. mirror
      c. pillow
      d. bolster

21. Danis is playing ....

      a. swing
      b. see-saw
      c. slide
      d. fountain

22. Tigers like to eat ....
      a. grass
      b. corn
      c. insect
      d. meat

23. .... looks like a big cat.
      a. tiger
      b. crocodile
      c. chicken
      d. snake

24. Dimas and Ardi are playing ....

a. see-saw
b. slide
c. swing
d. fountain

25. Nadya wears ... on her hair.
      a. necklace
      b. hairband
      c. earing
      d. ring

26. We must use ... to clean our body.
       a. shampoo
       b. toothpaste
       c. dipper
       d. soap

27. Arini brushes his teeth with a ....
      a. toothbrush
      b. towel
      c. dipper
      d. soap

28. Cindy : Thank you.
      Rima  : .....
      a. You're welcome
      b. I'm fine
      c. How are you?
      d. I'm sick

29. ... is an aquatic flower.
      a. orchid
      b. jasmines
      c. sun flower
      d. water lily

30. There is a traffic light at the ....
      a. station
      b. hotel
      c. crossroad
      d. restaurant

Kunci Jawaban

1. b         11. c           21. c
2. c         12. d           22. d
3. b         13. c           23. a
4. d         14. a           24. a
5. a          15. c          25. b
6. a          16. b          26. d
7. a          17. b          27. a
8. d          18. d          28. a
9. b          19. a          29. d
10. b        20. b          30. c                                                                                                                                        

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