Latihan Soal Penilaian Akhir Tahun Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Part 1


Selamat berjumpa kembali  di Pada kesempatan ini kita akan membahas latihan soal Penilaian Akhir Tahun pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 8. Silahkan disimak. 

      Choose the right answer!
The following text is for questions number 1 to 4. 

Mr. Haryanto usually gets up at about five o’clock in the morning. He usually has juice and a cup of coffee. Then, he waits a couple of hours and he has the rest of his breakfast, which is usually an egg and toast, or oatmeal, cereal, something like that. He doesn’t eat a lot of lunch. He has dinner in the evening around seven o’clock. He usually teaches in the morning, but two nights a week he teaches from four to seven in the afternoon. He does not teach on Saturdays anymore. So, Saturdays and Sundays are pretty free. And Sunday morning, he likes to sit and read the newspaper. That’s what he does on Sunday. He catches up because during the week he does not read the newspaper. So, he reads the newspaper on Sunday and catches up on what’s been happening in the world.

1.   Which of the following statements is not true according to the text?
A.    Mr. Haryanto commonly teaches in the morning.
B.    Mr. Haryanto doesn’t teach on Thursday.
C.    Mr. Haryanto always gets up at about five o’clock in the morning.
D.    Mr. Haryanto breakfast is usually an egg and toast, or oatmeal.

2.     What time does Mr. Haryanto frequently get dinner in the evening?
A.    Around seven o’clock                         
B.    Around eight o’clock
C.    Around nine o’clock               
D.    Around six o’clock

3.     What does Mr. Haryanto commonly do on Sunday morning?
A.    Take a jogging                                    
B.    B. Take a travelling    
C.    Reading a newspaper  
D.    Listening to music

4.     What day Mr. Haryanto does not teach?
A.    Tuesday and Saturday                         
B.    Friday and Saturday                            
C.    Saturday and Sunday
D.    Monday and Friday 

The following text is for numbers 5 to 9.

Daily Activities at Work

            I ….. (5) to work at 8.45 a.m. every morning. I usually ….. (6) to ….. (7). I always check my emails when I get to work, but I don’t always reply to them immediately. I ….. (8) a taxi or a train if I have a lunch meeting.  ….. (9) never take the bus because it is to slow.

5.     A. go                      
B. went                  
C. gone                  
D. going
6.   A. drove                
B. driven               
C. drives                
D. drive

7.   A. work                 
B. works                
C. worked              
D. working

8.   A. take                   
B. takes                 
C. took                               
D. taken

9.   A. I                        
B. You                               
C. She                                
D. They

Dialog is for numbers 10 to 14.
Jason    : “How do you like living in the big city?”
Rose     : “There are many things that are better than living in the country!”
Jason    : “Can you give me some examples?”
Rose     : “Well, it certainly is more interesting than the country. There is so much more to do and see!”
Jason    : “Yes, but the city is more dangerous than the country.”
Rose     : “That’s true. People in the city aren’t as open and friendly as those in the countryside.”
Jason    : “I’m sure that the country is more relaxed, too!”
Rose     : “Yes, the city is busier than the country. However, the country is much slower than the city.”
Jason    : ”I think that’s a good thing!”
Rose     : ”Oh, yes. The city is more expensive than the country.”
Jason    : “Life in the country is also much healthier than in the city.”
   Rose      : “Yes, it’s cleaner and less dangerous in the country. But, the city is so much more exciting. It’s    faster and more fun than the country.”

10. Where does Rose live?
A.    In the country                                      
B.    In the city
C.    In the suburb area                               
D.    Between the country and the city

11. According to Rose, living in the city is … than in the country.
A.    more boring     
B.    less exciting    
C.    cheaper            
D.    more interesting

12. According to Rose, which best describes living in the city?
A.    Living in the city is less exciting than in the country
B.    Living in the city is more boring than in the country.
C.    Living in the city is less dangerous than in the country.
D.    Living in the city is more fun than in the country.

 13. Jason prefers living in the country because … than the city.
A.    it is more relaxed                                
B.    it is more expensive
C.    it is less exciting                                 
D.    it is dirtier

14. The following statements are correct according to the dialog, except ….
A.    Rose likes living in the city because it is faster than country.
B.    Rose prefers country to city because it is more relaxed.
C.    Jason prefers country because it is less expensive.
D.    Rose likes city because it is more fun.

15.  Dayat is 14. Yunus is 13. Dayat is … Yunus.
A.    older than                    
B.    younger than               
C.    as old as                       
D.    the oldest

16. Ciko sometimes gets 8 in English, Adam usually gets 7, and Noah always gets 9. Noah is … student.
A.    Most intelligent           
B.    the more intelligent                 
C.    the most intelligent     
D.    more intelligent

Text is for number 17 to 21

         On Sunday, I went down town to do some shopping in one of the best shopping centres. It is called Mentari Mart.
       I bought a lot of things; snacks, health products, and some clothes. I was very happy because that day everything was 20% off. I spent around 500 thousand rupiahs.
      After about an hour, I decided to leave the mart and went to a restaurant nearby to have lunch. I ordered my lunch and for the desert. I had some ice cream. I enjoyed my meals and asked for the check. Did you know what happened? I was so surprised when I tried to get my wallet in my backpack. I could not find it, it was stolen.
      I felt so panic and did not know what to do next. Then, I tried to call my parents at home using my cellular phone. Fortunately, there were at home and promised to come soon. No more than 25 minutes, they got in. then the check was paid. After that, we went home with some goods in my shopping bag.
      I  was so relieved and promised to myself that I should be more careful in lots of ways.

17. When did the writer go shopping?
A.    On Saturday    
B.    On Sunday                   
C.    On Monday                 
D.    On Tuesday

18.  What kind of experience was it?
A.    Scary               
B.    Embarrassing  
C.    Funny              
D.    Sad

19. “It is called Mentari Mart.” (2nd sentence)
What does the underlined word refer to?
A.    Sunday            
B.    Town               
C.    Shopping centre          
D.    A lot of things

20. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A.    The writer bought a lot of things                    
B.    The writer went down town    
C.    The writer ordered the lunch              
D.    The writer had lost his wallet

21. Who paid the bill of the writer’s lunch at last?
A.    Herself             
B.    It was free                   
C.    Her mother                  
D.    Her parents

For numbers 22 to 25, complete the sentences!
22.     She … a new T-shirt last night.
A.    buys                 
B.    buyed               
C.    bought             
D.    buy

23. They … bikes to the school the day before yesterday.
A.    Performed       
B.    fried                 
C.    drove               
D.    rode

24. Did Rhaka … that bird yesterday?
A.    shooting           
B.    showing                       
C.    shot                              
D.    shoot

25. We … to the collage last Monday.
A.    Walking          
B.    walk                 
C.    walked             
D.    be walking

1. B            11. D            21. D
2. A            12. D            22. C
3. C            13. A            23. D
4. C            14. B            24. D
5. A            15. A            25. C
6. D            16. C
7. A            17. B
8. A            18. D
9. A            19. C
10. B          20. A




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