Soal Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5

Hai adik-adik kelas 5, sebentar lagi kalian akan menghadapi Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Semester. Untuk membantu kalian belajar, berikut adalah Soal Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5. Silahkan dikerjakan.

I. Choose the correct answer!
Text for number 1 to 4
        My name is Dania. I and my sister have breakfast together at six o'clock. There are special menus made by my mother. They are fried rice, fried chicken and beef steak. I choose a plate of fried rice and a fried chicken, while my sister prefers to choose a plate of beef steak. They taste delicious. We like them very much. 
        For the drink,  I choose a glass of mango juice and a glass of plain water, while my sister chooses a glass of lemon tea. The drinks taste fresh. We really enjoy our breakfast.

1. Dania has breakfast with a plate of ...
    A. beef steak and meatball
    B. fried rice and fried chicken
    C. noodle
    D. fried fish
2. Dania's sister has breakfast with ...
    A. beef steak
    B. noodle
    C. fried chicken
    D. fried fish
3. The plain water tastes ...
    A. sweet
    B. sour
    C. salty
    D. fresh
4. Dania's sister chooses a glass of ... for the drink.
    A. orange juice
    B. lemon tea
    C. mango juice
    D. avocado juice
5. Firman : "What's wrong with you, Raihan?"
    Raihan : "I feel pain on my stomach."
    From the dialogue, we know that Raihan gets a ...
    A. toothache
    B. headache
    C. stomachache
    D. earache
6. I feel pain on my tooth. I get ....
    A. toothache
    B. headache
    C. earache
    D. backache
7. The sound of the music is too loud.
    Now, I feel pain on my ear. I get an ....
    A. fever
    B. stomachache
    C. earache
    D. headache
8. Mr. Bakri feels pain on his back.
    He has a ....
    A. toothache
    B. backache
    C. fever
    D. earache
Dialogue for number 9 and 10
Sinta : "Tiara is absent today."
Fahri : "What happen with her?"
Sinta : "She gets a stomachache."
Fahri : "She might eat too much spicy food."
Sinta : "Yes, I think so."

9. Tiara is absent today because of ....
    A. eyesore
    B. earache
    C. backache
    D. stomachache
10. Tiara may eat too much ....
    A. spicy food
    B. candies
    C. doughnut
    D. fried chicken
Text for number 11 and 12
        After eating candies too much, Kelvin feels pain on his tooth. He has a toothache. His mother suggest him to take a medicine. After that, she asks him to get a sleep.

11. Kelvin has a ....
      A. toothache
      B. headache
      C. backache
      D. fever
12. Kelvin's mother asks Kelvin to take a ....
      A. candy
      B. fruit
      C. eye drops
      D. medicine
13. I have a new ....
      It's colour is black.
      I wear it on my waist.
      It is a ....
      A. shoes
      B. shirt
      C. skirt
      D. belt
14. Vania wears a ... on Monday at flag ceremony.
      She wears it on the neck. It is a ....
      A. cap
      B. socks
      C. tie
      D. belt
15. He wears ... for doing sport.
      A. pajamas
      B. T-shirt
      C. dress
      D. tie
16. Nadia is a student.
      She wears ... to school.
      A. pajamas
      B. dress
      C. uniform
      D. trousers
Table for number 17 to 19

17. A : "How much is a plate of fried rice?"
      B : "It is ... thousand rupiahs."
      A. twenty thousand rupiahs
      B. eighteen thousand rupiahs
      C. fifteen thousand rupiahs 
      D. ten thousand rupiahs.
18. Davina orders a plate of fried fish and a glass of juice.
      She should pay ... thousand rupiahs.
      A. twenty eight
      B. twenty five
      C. thirty eight
      D. thirty five
19. The most expensive menu is ....
      A. a plate of fried rice
      B. a plate of pecel
      C. a bowl of soto
      D. a plate of fried fish
20. The weather is cold today.
      I need a ...
      A. sunglasses
      B. jacket
      C. skirt
      D. short

II. Arrange into good sentences!
21. Fadly - shoes - a - of - wears - pair.
22. uniform - Mirna - to - wears - school.
23. feel - head - I - on - pain - my.
24. delicious - fried chicken - tastes - The.
25. like - fried rice - I - very much.

1. B                11. A
2. A                12. D
3. D                13. D
4. B                14. C
5. C                15. B
6. A                16. C
7. C                17. C
8. B                18. A
9. D                19. D
10. A              20. B

21. Fadly wears a pair of shoes.
22. Mirna wears uniform to school.
23. I feel pain on my head.
24. The fried chicken tastes delicious.
25. I like fried rice very much.

Itulah Soal Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.



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