15 Lirik Lagu Anak Bahasa Inggris

Menyampaikan materi Bahasa Inggris dalam bentuk lagu diyakini sangat efektif. Anak akan lebih mudah menghafal dan merasa senang saat menyanyi disertai gerakan tubuh dan mimik wajah yang menarik. Ada banyak lagu anak dalam Bahasa Inggris yang bisa diberikan sesuai dengan tema pembelajaran. Berikut adalah 10 Lirik Lagu Anak Dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Are You Sleeping

Are you sleeping 2x
Brother Jhon 2x
Morning bells are ringing 2x
Ding, dong, ding

My Sunshine

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy, when sky is grey
You never know me, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

Good Morning

Good morning everybody how are you 2x
Good morning to you 2x
Good Morning everybody how are you

Old Mac Donald

Old Mac Donald has a farm
And on his farm he has some chicks
With a chick chick here, chick chick there
Here a chick. there a chick
Everywhere chick chick
Old Mac Donald has a farm

Where is Thumbkin

Where is thumbkin 2x
Here I am 2x
How are you today sir
Very well  thank you
Run away.... run away....


Walking..... walking.... 3x
Hop.... hop.... hop.... 2x
Running.... running... 3x
Now let's stop 2x

One and One

One and one I love my mother
Two and two I love my father
Three and three I love brother, sister
One, two, three I love my family

Hockey Pockey

You put your right hand in
You put your right hand out
You put your right hand in
And you shake it all around
You do the hockey pockey
And you turn your self around
That what its all about

Go to School

I go to school everyday
I bring my book and my bag
I always wear my uniform
My hat, my shirt and my short
And I always say good bye
To my father and motherj
Father, Mother, I want to go to school

That is a Window

That is a window, that is a door
This is a blackboard and this is the floor
This is a table, that is the door
That is a desk and this is a floor


When I was young
I went to school
And this is what I learn to do
One, two, three, four, five  3x
I learn my numbers up to five
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten  3x
I learn my numbers up to ten


I can count from 1 to 20
Listen please, listen please
eleven, twelve   2x
I'll keep going  2x
Higher up 2x
nineteen, twenty 2x

Mr. Jhon

How do you do Mr Jhon how do you do
Is there anything that we can do for  you
We are glad to welcome you
And I hope you welcome too
How do you do Mr.Jhon how do you do


Hallo my friends
I know the name of the days in a week
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Twinkle twinkle Little Star

Twinkle-twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

Semoga bermanfaat... :)

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