Contoh Soal UTS Semester Ganjil Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5

Adik-adik kelas 5, hari ini kita akan belajar mengerjakan Contoh Soal UTS Semester Ganjil Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5. Are you ready?
I.    Read the text carefully and answer the questions bellow !   

Diana and Her Brothers

Mr and Mrs. Wahyu have three children. There are one daughter and two sons. The name of the daughter is Diana. The names of the sons are Doni and Chandra. They live happily everyday.
The children have different toys to play. Diana has a barbie doll. She likes to play with it everyday after school. The sons, Doni and Chandra have their own toys. Doni has marbles. He plays the marbles with his classmates.

1     1. How many children do Mr and Mrs. Wahyu have ?
       2. What is the name of the daughter?
       3. What are the names of the sons?
       4. What is Diana’s toy?
       5. What is Doni’s toy?

II.        Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c or d !
      6. We meet our teacher in the morning, we say ....
a.      Good bye                      c. Good night
b.      good morning                d. Good evening
      7. Mr. Dani         : Good bye, students !
    Students          : ..., Teacher!
a.      Good bye                           c. Good night
b.      Good evening                     d. Good morning
      8. The exercise  .... easy.
a.      am                         b. are                   
c. is                             d. does
      9. The students ... studying in the classroom.
a.      is                            b. are                   
c. am                           d. does
      10. I ... a student.
a.      does                       b. are                    
c. is                              d. am
      11. Anita likes to play ....
a.      yoyo                       b. doll                  
 c. kites                         d. top
      12. This toy can frighten kids ....
a.      mask                      b. doll                  
c. top                           d. yoyo
      13. This toy can fly ....
a.      doll                        b. top                    
c. kite                          d. yoyo
      14. This animal eats fish. It is a ....
a.      duck                       b. monkey            
c. horse                       d. cat
      15. We keep this animal in the pond. It is a ....
a.      horse                     b. fish                    
c. cat                           d. buffalo
      16. This animal eats grass. It is a ....
a.      monkey                 b. cat                    
c. goat                         d. fish
      17. The students must wear ... to school.
a.      gown                     b. uniform              
c. sarong                     d. jeans
      18. It is raining . We wear ....
a.      rain coat                b. short                  
c. skirt                        d. Batik shirt
      19. Dara lays her head on the .....
a.      mirror                   b. lamp                   
c. pillow                     d. bolster
      20. We must have .... to wake up.
a.      bolster                   b. mirror                
c. dresssing table         d. alarm clock


1. three children
2. Diana
3. Doni and Chandra
4. barbie doll
5. marbles

6. b            11. b              16. c
7. a            12. a               17. b
8. c            13. c               18. a
9. b            14. d               19. c
10.d           15. b               20. d
Semoga bermanfaat.


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