Macam-Macam Permainan (Kinds of Games) Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2

Pada pembelajaran kali ini kita akan belajar tentang Macam-Macam Permainan (Kinds of Games) . Ayo.... permainan apa yang kamu suka? Football, marbles, hide and seek or skipping rope? Ok, kita mulai mengenal macam-macam permainan ya...

 football = Sepak bola

dolls = boneka

kite = layangan

marbles = kelereng

seesaw = jungkat jungkit

swing = ayunan

 slide = perosotan

skipping rope = lompat tali

frees-bee = gangsing

bicycle = sepeda

snake and ladder = ular tangga

hide and seek = petak umpat

Ask and answer about guess of game
(Tanya jawab tentang permainan)

Asking about game (Menanyakan permainan)
- Can you play kite?
  (Dapatkah kamu bermain layang-layang?)
- How do we play marbles?
  (Bagaimana kita bermain kelereng?)
- What do you play?
  (Apa yang kamu mainkan?)
- What are they playing?
  (Apa yang sedang mereka mainkan?)

Answer about the game (Menjawab pertanyaan tentang permainan)
- I am playing football.
  (Saya sedang bermain sepak bola.)
- Let's play together.
  (Mari bermain bersama.)
- This is a swing.
  (Ini adalah sebuah ayunan.)
- She is playing doll.
  (Dia sedang bermain boneka.)
- They are playing marbles. 
  (Mereka bermain kelereng.)

Selamat belajar....


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  • Imas Masyitoh Agustini 27 November 2013 pukul 19.25
    i have some question for you??how do teach english for children graduate 1,2,3 elementary school if student passive in the class...i want student active and fun in the class if study english..can you help me please..
  • Yuli Nuriskandar 28 November 2013 pukul 04.47
    Hi Miss. Imas, teaching English is not only transferring knowledge from the source of information to the students (grade 1, 2, 3), but also considering about the learning strategies and learners' learning style.To make learning English is effective, the teacher need to consider active learning as one strategy to teach them. Active leaning means the students do most the work, they use their brains in studying ideas, solving problem, and applying what they learn. Students are receiving and participating and doing. The students in grade 1,2,3 (Elementary School Students) are kinesthetic learners. There are some characteristics of kinesthetic learners :
    1. Explore the environment and objects through touch and movement. Prefer to touch, handle, or manipulate what is to be learned.
    2. Develop coordination and a sense of timing.
    3. Learn best by direct involvement and participation.
    4. Enjoy concrete learning experiences.
    5. Have the ability to fine-tune and perfect physical performances through mind and body integration.
    So, be a good friend for your students and I'm sure they will enjoy your class. Good luck...:)
  • David Musyafa 12 Desember 2013 pukul 08.11
    Love you need you want you be my wife?
  • Yuli Nuriskandar 13 Desember 2013 pukul 14.01
    David : Sorry, I've been married since 2003 and I have two sons.
  • Unknown 16 Juni 2017 pukul 16.28
    thank you very much :)

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