For, During and While in English Grammar

1. We use for + a period of time to say how long something goes on :
- for five hours
- for nine years
- for a week
Examples :
a. I watched television for five hours last night.
b. We've lived in this house for nine years.
c.  Julie is going away for a week in April.
d. Where have you been? I've been waiting for ages.

2. We use during + noun to say when something happens (not how long) :
- during the morning
- during my holiday
- during the film
Examples :
a. The ground is wet. It must have rained during the morning.
b. I met a lot of interesting people during my holiday.
c. I fell asleep during the film.
d. I'll phone you some time during the night.

during cannot use in this way :
It rained for two days without stopping. (not "during two days")

3. We use while + subject + verb
Examples :
a. I saw Julia while we were waiting for the train.
b. Bara read a magazine while I watched television.
c. While he was out, there was a phone for him.

Compare during and while in these examples :
- Raisa suddenly began to feel ill during the final examination.
  Raisa suddenly began to feel ill while she was doing the final examination.
- We met a lot of interesting people during our holiday.
   We met a lot of interesting people while we were on holiday.

When you are talking about the future, use the present (not "will") after while :
- I'm going to Jakarta next week. I hope to see Mr.Fahri while I'm there.
- What are you going to do while you are waiting?

Examples :
1. I waited for you for three hours and then decided that you weren't coming.
2. She hasn't lived in Bandung all her life. She lived in Jakarta for five years.
3. I felt really ill last week. I couldn't eat anything for three days.
4. When we were at the theater last night, we met Diana during the interval.
5. Dimas was very angry after our argument. He didn't speak to me for a week.
6. Please don't interrupt me while I'm speaking.
7. Many interesting suggestions were made during the meeting.
8. What did he say about me while I was out of the room?
9. Sandy read alot of magazines and book while he was ill.
10. There were many interruptions during the President's speech.


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