Contoh Soal Tentang Congratulations, Hopes dan Wishes


Part 1

Name   :                                                                                              

Class    : IX


I.    Choose the best answer by crossing the letter A, B, C or D!


1.   Situation:

Siti has just got the first prize in the “Bakiak race” to celebrate Indonesia Independence day.

Beni congratulates her.

What does Beni say to congratulate Siti?

Beni     : ” __________________________.”

Siti       : ”Thank you.”

A.    Sure, Good luck.

B.     Congratulate to Siti

C.     Congratulations, Siti.

D.    Thanks, I will do my best


2.      Dayu         : ”Who won the football match yesterday?”

Udin    : ”Our team did. We won two to one.”

Dayu   : ”Well done. _________________________.”

Udin    : ”Thank you.”

A.    I’m glad to hear that.

B.     That’s too bad

C.     I’m sorry.

D.    You’re welcome


3.      Edo           : ”Happy birthday, Lia.”

Lia       : ”Thank you Edo. You are the first who congratulate me.”

Edo     : ”Oh really? Here is a little present for you. I hope you like it.”

Lia       : ”Thank you very much. You are really my best friend.”

Why does Edo give Lia a present?

A.    Because Lia likes present.

B.     Because today Dayu’s birthday.

C.     Because Edo has a lot of money.

D.    Because Lia is celebrating her birthday today.


The following text is for questions 4 and 5.

Dear Esther




Ever since I heard about your success as the first winner of singing contest of FLS2N. I know how long and how hard you practiced. We are all very proud of you. We wish you all the best in pursuing your dream to be a popular singer some day.




Chair person of Class 9 A


4.  The text above shows that . . .
A. the writer is one of the contestants
B. Esther is the best student
C. Esther is the best singer
D. Rudy is Esther's special friend


5.      The text is for . . . of FL2SN.
A. the best student
B. the best teacher
C. the best singer
D. the best graduate student


6.      Situation :

Rania has just made a very beautiful handycraft from coconut leaf. Chandra praises

her craft and hope that she will win the national competition.

Chandra :  “____________________________________.”

   I’m sure you will win the national competition.”

Rania      :  “Thank you. I hope so too.”

A. What is that

B.  That’s a very beautiful handycraft

C.  I’m glad to hear that

D. You are the winner


7.      Nuri has just finished practicing singing. She will sing in the celebration of

the Indonesia Independence Day. Shinta praises her that she sings like a real singer, and she

will get a big applause for that.

Shinta  :  “You sings like a singer. ________________________________.”

Nuri     :  “Thank you. That’s very nice of you.”

A. I’m sure you will get a very big applause

B.  You are a good student

C.  I’m sorry

D. Congratulate to Nuri


8.      Situation :

Fadel is going to participate in the story telling competition.

Dara shows her hope that Fadel will get a prize.

The conversation:

Fadel   :  “Dara, wish me luck. I will take part in the story telling competition.”

Dara    :  “____________________. I hope you will win the competition.”

A. Thank you very much

B.  I hope so

C.  I’m sorry

D. Sure, Good luck


9.      Situation :

Ade has just finished drawing a picture of Tinta, his best friend.

He will present it to her on her birthday. Nida praises the picture and she’s

sure that Tinta will like it.

Nida    :  “Ade, that’s a beautiful picture. I’m sure Tinta will like it.”

Ade     :  “__________________________.”

A. Wish me luck

B.  Happy birthday

C.  Good luck

D. Thanks. I hope so too


10.  Situation :

Rahma’s father has given her permission to walk to the mountain. Gibril is happy

for her and expresses his hope that she will have a safe trip.

The conversation:

Rahma:  “Thank God. Finally my father lets me go to the mountain walk.”

Gibril   :  “______________________. Have a safe trip.”

A. I’m happy for you

B.  Wish me happy

C.  Thank you very much

D. I hope so


11.   My sister is studying at _____ university in Jakarta. She is the best student and she gets the scholarship from the government.

A. an

B.  a

C.  my

D. their


12.  __________ thirty five  students in front of the classroom. They are studying English now.

A.    There is                                                    C. This is

B.     There are                                                  D. That is


13.     Change into negative sentence!

They will go to Bandung next week.

A.    Will they go to Bandung next week?

B.     They not will go Bandung next week.

C.     They will not go to Bandung next week

D.    Not will they go to Bandung next week?


14.     Mrs.Aida :”Can you help me to bring my books?”

Hesty             :”_______________.”

A.    I don’t understand                                  C. Yes, I can              

B.     What is your name?                                 D. No, I can


15.     Figo and Santi will go the cinema this night. ……want to watch the new film.

A.    He                                                            C. We

B.     They                                                         D. You


16.     I’m Saefa. I’m the student of SMPN 3 Sukabumi. I go to school by car.

I have a lot of friends at school. I love …. school because big and clean.

A.    their                                                         C. his

B.     your                                                         D. my


17.     I … spend next holiday with my grandmother in the village because I will go to Bali.

A.    won’t                                                       C. didn’t

B.     do                                                            D. don’t


18.     This is …. book.  …. is there.

A.    my – Your                                               C. my – Yours

B.     mine – Yours                                           D. mine - Your


19.     Tiger is a wild animal.  … has sharp claws.

A.    He                                                            C. Its

B.     She                                                           D. It


20.     Fadillah is absent yesterday because …. was sick.

A.    they                                                          C. we

B.     he                                                             D. her





--------------------GOOD LUCK------------------------




1.      C                    11. A

2.      A                    12. B

3.      D                    13. C

4.      C                    14. C

5.      C                    15. B

6.      B                    16. D

7.      A                    17. A

8.      D                    18. A

9.      D                    19. D

10.  A                    20. B


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