Soal Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Part 1


Hai semuanya, selamat datang kembali di Sekarang kita akan  mempelajari Soal Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Part 1. Silahkan disimak ya.

Choose the right answer!
The following text is for questions 1 to 3.  
Dear Aulia,
I just read your short story that is published in the “Sun Magazine.” Your short story is wonderful. I can’t believe that you can write such a great adventure story. I really favour it.
There will be a short story writing contest next month. Hopefully, you can participate and win it. I wish this would be a good step for you to be a great author.
                                                                                      Sincerely, Rakha

1. The following is the hopes of Rakha for Aulia, except
     A. Aulia would be a great author           
     B. Aulia would win the competition
     C. Aulia would publish a new poetry     
     D. Aulia would be on the competition
     Jawaban: C

2.  What is the best congratulation expression for Aulia?
      A. Congratulation for being a good author.         
      B. Congratulation to be on competition. 
      C. Congratulation for publishing your short story.
      D. Congratulation on winning the poetry contest.
       Jawaban: C

3.   “I wish this would be a good step for you to be a great author.” (Paragraph 2)
      The underlined pronoun refers to …
      A. Aulia                
      B. the reader                    
      C. Rakha              
      D. the contest
      Jawaban: A

     The dialogue is for questions 4 and 5.
     Jasmine : … (4) your graduation, Fawwaz.
     Fawwaz : Thank you, Jasmine.
     Jasmine : …. (5)

4. A. Are you the winner                                           
    B. Hopefully you can get  
    C. Can I celebrate you                  
    D. Congratulations for
     Jawaban: D

5.  A. I hope you are healthy today.              
     B. I hope you get bright future.    
     C. I wish you the best birthday today.      
     D. I wish you do well on your new job.
     Jawaban: B

6.  The teachers wear t-shirt … making them comfortable to do sport.
     A. so                      
     B. so that               
     C. for                                 
     D. to
     Jawaban: C

7.  My uncle takes me to the school … I can arrive there on time.
     A. to                      
     B. in order to                     
     C. for                                 
     D. so that   
     Jawaban: D
     The dialogue is for questions 8 to 10
     Sarah : Will you agree with the school’s new rule about forbidding us to bring smartphone?
     Aziel : yes, I will. It is a good idea to make students better in studying in the classroom.
     Sarah : That’s great! We have the same opinion about it.
     Aziel : Okay.

8.  Based on the dialogue, Sarah’s answer means that ….
     A. She agrees with the school’s new rule.
     B. She disagree with the school’s new rule to make students better in studying in the classroom.
     C. She agrees with the new rules because it makes the students sleepy.
     D. She disagrees with the new rule because it makes students bored.
      Jawaban: A

9.  “Yes, I will. It is a good idea to make students better in studying in the classroom.”
     The underlined sentence is the expressions of …
      A. showing a plan            
      B. agreement                    
      C. giving result    
      D. asking for opinion
       Jawaban: B

10.  What is the definition of the underlined word?
       A.  A basic idea or rule that explains or controls how something happens or works.
       B.  An accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be done, and tells you what you are allowed to do.
       C.  Not measuring much from the base to the top, or close to the ground or the bottom of something.
       D.  Rough treatment.
       Jawaban: B

The following label is for questions 11 and 12
Usage: Vitamin E is one of antioxidant to provide healthy skin to enhance it’s elasticity and softness.
Dosage : 1-4 soft capsules daily
Protect from light
BEST BEFORE : August 5th , 2024.
11. The function of the product in the label is ….
    A. to protect the product from the light     
    B. to provide the sunlight  
    C. to make skin soft and healthy                
    D. to provide capsules daily
     Jawaban: C

12. The word “it” in the label above refers to ….
      A. Skin                 
      B. Vitamin           
      C. Healthy            
      D. Nature
Jawaban: A

The following label is for questions 13 and 16
Dietary Supplement 600 mg 100 Soft gels
Supplement Facts Serving size   : 1 soft gel
Amount per 1 soft gel % Daily Value
Vitamin D                   200 IU             50
Calcium (from milk)   600 mg            60
Zinc                                15 mg
*Daily value has not been established
Other ingredients : Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water
Directions : As a dietary supplement, take one soft gel for adults daily.
Manufactured for:
EXP 04 17 24 NU-HEALTH PRODUCTS CO. LOT 2 75 61 Walnut, CA 91789
Made in U.S.A.
13.  The label above is telling us about … of a dietary supplement.
       A. the benefits     
       B. the usage                     
       C. the materials   
       D. the information
        Jawaban: D

14.  When would it be best to consume the product?
       A. Before April, 17th 2024                      
       B. After April, 17th 2024
       C. During April, 4th 2024            
       D. On April, 4th 2024
       Jawaban: A

15.  Daily value has not been established. The meaning of the word established is …
       A. determined     
       B. ordered
       C. carried            
       D. helped
       Jawaban: A

16.  How many soft gels does someone take every day?
       A. 1 gel               
       B. 15 mg             
       C. 200 IU            
       D. 600 mg
       Jawaban: A

17.  I phoned Fiki … invite him for dinner.
       A. so that            
       B. to                                
       C. for                               
       D. in order that
       Jawaban: B   

18.  Tania : “Do you agree about wearing a mask inside the classroom?”
       Dinda : “Of course. … with it. It is a good way to prevent the spreading of COVID 19.”
       Tania : “Yes, you are right.”
       A. I disagree       
       B. I agree             
       C. I don’t agree   
       D. I’m not sure
       Jawaban: B

19.  The doctor writes a prescription … he might save his patient’s life.
       A. to                    
       B. for                               
       C. in order to                   
       D. in order that
       Jawaban: D

20.  Choose the right answer!
        1. so
        2. so that
       3. to
       4. for
        I buy a new mobile phone … contact my parents … they feel comfortable.
        A. 3, 2                
        B. 4, 2                            
        C. 2, 3                            
        D. 1, 2
        Jawaban: A

Itulah Soal Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Part 1. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.


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