Soal Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Part 2

Hai sobat, selamat bertemu kembali di Setelah kita mengerjakan  Soal Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Part 1, sekarang tiba saatnya kita mengerjakan Soal Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Part 2.

Choose the right answer!
The text is for questions 21 to 24!
                                       How to connect a Laptop to a Monitor
Determine your laptop’s video output options. Most laptops have a single display connection along the back, though some may be located along the side. Figure out what your monitor’s video input is. Simple computer monitors usually only have one available input, while TV monitors have multiple inputs. Try to match your computer’s connections to your monitor. If your computer and monitor both have at least one port in common, you can use a cable with identically connectors in order to connect the two.

Attach your monitor to a power source, and then press the monitor’s Power button. Connect your laptop to your monitor. Plug one end of your cable into your laptop, and then plug the other end of the cable into the monitor. Wait for your laptop’s screen to appear on the monitor. Once you see your laptop’s desktop and icons appear on the monitor’s screen, you can proceed with setting up your laptop’s display setting. 

21. What is the first step of connecting laptop to a monitor?
      A. Most laptops have a single display                 
      B. Simple computer usually have one input
      C. Attach the monitor to a power source 
      D. Determining the laptop’s video output options
      Jawaban: D
22. How many available inputs are there in a simple computer monitor?
      A. one                   
      B. two                              
      C. three                 
      D. four
      Jawaban: A
23. What should we press after attaching the monitor to a power source?
      A. The power button        
      B. The monitor     
      C. The display                  
      D. The screen
      Jawaban: A
24. What is the goal of the text?
      A. How to display a monitor to screen    
      B. How to attach the monitor to display  
      C. How to buy a new laptop and monitor
      D. How to connect a laptop to a monitor
      Jawaban: D
25. When I came to your house, your father … reading a newspaper.
      A. will be              
      B. was                              
      C. is                                  
      D. were
      Jawaban: B
26. Alif and his sister … shopping in the mal without mother now.
      A. were                 
      B. was                              
      C. will be              
      D. are
      Jawaban: D
27. amImywashingcookingiswhilethegrandmotherdishes
        1     2     3           4                5         6        7         8                9               10
      A. 4 – 8 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 1 – 6 – 10 – 9                
      B. 3 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 4 – 1 – 9 – 10
      C. 2 – 1 – 4 – 8 – 10 – 7 – 3 – 9 – 6 – 5              
      D. 2 – 1 – 5 – 4 – 8 – 3 – 6 – 7 – 10 – 9
      Jawaban: C
28. The children … some toys when I came from the English course.
      A. were playing    
      B. are playing                   
      C. is playing                     
      D. are playing
      Jawaban: A
      Read the sentences below! (for numbers 29 and 30)
      1. 2 carrots
      2. first, cut the vegetables
      3. Fry them in the frying pan with butter for five minutes.
      4. A small onion
      5. 8 cups water
      6. heat until they boil
29. Which sentences are the steps of making vegetables soup?
      A. 1, 2, 3              
      B. 3, 4, 6               
      C. 2, 3, 6               
      D. 1, 3, 6
      Jawaban: C
30. Which sentences are the materials of making vegetables soup?
      A. 1, 2, 4              
      B. 1, 4, 5               
      C. 4, 5, 6               
      D. 2, 4, 5
      Jawaban: B
     The dialogue is for numbers 31 to 34
      Intan : Hi, Tania! What are you doing?
      Tania: Hi! I am taking a rest after jogging in the city park.
      Intan : Do I disturb you?
      Tania: Not at all.
      Intan : What will you be doing tonight at 7 o’clock?
      Tania: I will be having dinner with my family. What’s up?
      Intan : My mom is cooking tuna soup. She asks me to deliver some of them to your house.
                 May I deliver it to you at 6 p.m.?
      Tania: Of course.
      Intan : Okay. I will be going to your house at 6 p.m.
      Tania: Thank you much for the soup. That’s special.
      Intan : Anytime
31. What is Tania doing?
       A. She is cooking soup.                           .
       B. she is taking a rest after jogging
       C. She is having dinner   
       D. She is reading some books.
       Jawaban: B
32.  Where was Tania jogging?
       A. In the school               
       B. In the city park           
       C. In the yard                  
       D. In the zoo
       Jawaban: B
33.  What is the food cooked by Intan’s mother?
       A. chicken soup               
      B. fried chicken               
       C. tuna soup                    
       D. beef steak
       Jawaban: C
34. When will Intan be delivering the tuna soup?
       A. at 7 o’clock                 
       B. at 7.30 a.m.                             
       C. at 6.30 a.m.                 
       D. at 6 p.m.
       Jawaban: D
35. Read the sentences below!
      1. To get detailed information of the product.
      2. To avoid harmful effects.
      3. To buy bad product.
      4. To choose healthy and safe product.
      5. to get branded product.
      Why do we read a label before buying a product?
      A. 1, 2, 4                          
      B. 1, 2, 5                           
      C. 1, 2, 3               
      D.2, 3, 4
      Jawaban: A
     The following dialogue for questions 36 to 38.
     Erina : Hi, I’m erina. I’m a newcomer in this neighbourhood.
     Andi  : Hi, Erina. My name is Andi. Where do you come from?
     Erina : I come from Singapore.
     Andi  : That’s pretty far. How long have you lived there?
     Erina : I have live in Singapore since 5 years old. Now, I’m fifteen years old.
     Andi  : So, you have lived there for ten years before you moved out.
     Erina : That’s right. Have you ever been to Singapore, Andi?
     Andi  : Yes, I have ever been there before.
     Erina : Do you have a relative there?
     Andi  : No, I don’t. I went there for a vacation.
     Erina : That’s great!
36. Who is Erina?
       A. She is Andi’s relative.                        
       B. She is a new student.              
       C. She is Andi’s new neighbour.
       D. She is Andi’s old friend.
       Jawaban: C
37.  How long has Erina lived in Singapore?
       A. 10 years                      
       B. 5 years            
       C. 15 years                      
       D. 25 years
       Jawaban: A
38. In what occasion did Andi visit Singapore?
       A. For student exchange program.                      
       B. Visiting his relatives
       C. For a vacation                         
       D. Helping his relatives to move
       Jawaban: C
39.  I moved to this school … 2020. It means that I have studied here … 2 years.
       A. for; for                        
       B. for: since                     
       C. since; since                 
       D. since; for
       Jawaban: D
40.  Change into negative sentence!
       They will be waiting for me before I go.
       A. They will not be waiting for me before I go.
       B. They will be not waiting for me before I go.
       C. Will they be waiting for me before I go?
       D. Will they not be waiting for me before I go.
       Jawaban: A

Itulah Soal Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Part 2. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.



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