Soal Sumatif Akhir Jenjang (SAJ) Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6


Hai adik-adik kelas 6, apa kabar? Semoga kalian selalu sehat dan tambah terampil dalam berbahasa Inggris. Setelah kalian mempelajari Materi Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6, sekarang kalian mempersiapkan diri untuk Sumatif Akhir Jenjang (SAJ), berikut Soal Sumatif Akhir Jenjang (SAJ) Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6 yang bisa kalian pelajari.

Choose the correct answer!
(Pilihlah jawaban yang benar!)

The text is for question 1 to 4.
        Iwan and Dani are sitting in front of Dani's house. They are looking at Dani's new bicycle. Dani has a new bicycle. His mother brought it yesterday as a present for him, because he gets the first rank at school.
        Dani feels happy, because he likes the bike. He promises to take care of his bicycle. And he also promises to be the best at school next semester. Now Dani and Iwan will go cycling at the field.

1. Who are sitting in front of the house?
    A. Iman and Dio    
    B. Iwan and his mother       
    C. Iwan and Dani        
    D. Iwan and his father
    Jawaban: C
2. Who are they looking at?
    A. Dani's new bicycle
    B. Iwan's new bicycle
    C. Dani's mother
    D. Dani's house
    Jawaban: A
3. .... has a new bycle.
    A. Iwan
    B. father
    C. Tio
    D. Dani
    Jawaban: D
4. Dani promises....
    A. to be a good singer
    B. to be a pilot
    C. to be the best at school 
    D. to be a doctor
    Jawaban: C
5. The legend of Tangkuban Perahu is from ....
    A. West Java
    B. East Java
    C. Sumatera
    D. Central Java
    Jawaban: A
6. Jerry ... to the supermarket last month.
    A. go
    B. goes
    C. gone
    D. went
    Jawaban: D
7. We can buy cabbage in the ....
    A. fruit stall
    B. drugstore
    C. stationary
    D. greengrocer
    Jawaban: D
8. They are my bicycles.
    The bicycles are ....
    A. mine
    B. myself
    C. my
    D. me
    Jawaban: A
9. Rania is eleven years old.
    Azka is ten years old.
    Azka is ... than Rania.
    A. older
    B. young
    C. old
    D. younger
    Jawaban: D
10. A: "Whose doll is that?"
      B: "The doll belongs to Rita. That is ...."

    A. his
    B. hers
    C. theirs
    D. yours
    Jawaban: B
11. A king lives in the ....
      A. hospital
      B. kingdom
      C. temple
      D. hotel
      Jawaban: B
12. I have a new bag.
      .... new bag is red.

      A. I
      B. me
      C. mine
      D. my
      Jawaban: D
13. The sun rises in the ....
      A. east
      B. west
      C. north
      D. south
      Jawaban: A
14. Tania is clever. Sinta is clever.
      Tania is ... Sinta.
      A. as clever
      B. more clever
      C. the most clever
      D. as clever as
      Jawaban: D
15. The opposite of north is ...
      A. east
      B. south
      C. west
      D. south east
      Jawaban: B
16. .... The baby is sleeping.
      A. Be happy!
      B. Be careful!
      C. Don't make noise!
      D. Don't eat!
      Jawaban: C
17. The hospital is behind the school.
      The antonym of behind is ...
      A. in front of
      B. beside
      C. between
      D. next to
      Jawaban: A
18. We buy ... in the butcher.
      A. book
      B. apple
      C. meat
      D. carrot
      Jawaban: C
19. The sign below means that we should ....

      A. turn right
      B. turn left
      C. go straight
      D. stop
      Jawaban: B
20. Randi is lazy but his brother is ....
      A. clever
      B. diligent
      C. stupid
      D. happy
      Jawaban: B
The text is for questions 1 and 2.
        Indonesia is governed by a president. Just like a company, president is a manager. The president manages the country. A vice president helps the president. The are also some ministers who help the president. President, vice president and some ministers are the central government.

21. Indonesia is governed by a ....
      A. president
      B. vice president
      C. some ministers
      D. king
      Jawaban: A
22. The Indonesian meaning of vice president is ....
      A. presiden
      B. perdana menteri
      C. wakil presiden
      D. gubernur
      Jawaban: C
23. The capital of West Sumatera is ....
      A. Padang
      B. Medan
      C. Pontianak
      D. Palembang
      Jawaban: A
24. Asia, Africa, and Europe are the names of the ....
      A. seas
      B. oceans
      C. continents
      D. island
      Jawaban: C
25. Mr. Harlan works all day long in the rice field. He feels ....
      A. bored
      B. surprised
      C. happy
      D. tired
      Jawaban: D
26. A person who is travelling for a pleasure is a .....
      A. tourist
      B. farmer
      C. teacher
      D. nurse
      Jawaban: A
27. Lake Toba is in ....
      A. West Java
      B. East Java
      C. North Sumatera
      D. South Sumatera
      Jawaban : C
28. We go surfing in the ....
      A. valley
      B. lake
      C. beach
      D. river
      Jawaban: C
29. Borobudur is the name of the ....

      A. palace
      B. temple
      C. island
      D. mountain
      Jawaban: B
30. Don't throw the rubbish into the ....!
      It may cause flood.
      A. river
      B. basket
      C. garbage can
      D. can
      Jawaban: A
31. An .... is used to carry patients to the hospital.
      A. stethoscope
      B. ambulance
      C. thermometer
      D. some books
      Jawaban: B
32. Snorkle and goggles are the equipments for .....
      A. hiking
      B. camping
      C. fishing
      D. diving
      Jawaban: D
33. I eat greedy because I am so ...
      A. hungry
      B. thirsty
      C. lonely
      D. happy
      Jawaban: A
34. I am so thirsty. I want to ....
      A. eat
      B. work
      C. sing
      D. drink
      Jawaban: D
35. We can see the .... sparkling on the sky at night.
      A. stars
      B. sun
      C. mars
      D. jupiter
      Jawaban: A
36. The following are the things in the earth, except ....
      A. mountain
      B. comet
      C. waterfall
      D. lake
      Jawaban: B
37. Nina feels a pain in the ear.
      She has an ....
      A. fever
      B. earache
      C. headache
      D. toothache
      Jawaban: B
38. Sandi has breakfast at ....
      A. noon
      B. afternoon
      C. morning
      D. night
      Jawaban: C
39. Cindy wants to check her temperature. She uses a ....
      A. ambulance
      B. wheelchair
      C. thermometer
      D. syringe
      Jawaban: C
40. Mrs. Reni works at the hospital.
      She helps the doctor. She is a ....
      A. nurse
      B. teacher
      C. dentist
      D. headmaster
      Jawaban: A

Itulah  Soal Sumatif Akhir Jenjang (SAJ) Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6. Mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan. Semoga bermanfaat.


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